How to Export from HitFilm Pro DEMO! Help please! (Resolved)

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So recently I downloaded the Hitfilm pro 2017 demo to make my very first YouTube video. However I did not realise that you are not able to export unless you purchase the pro itself.

My friend who introduced me to this product told me to try to move my .hfp file to Express and try to export from there BUT now I keep running into a message that says "this file was saved from a newer version of hitfilm, please go to to download the new version" yet I cannot find any updates to express.

I'm stuck now with a video that took me 2 days to make and no way to export it, is there any other way other then spending $350 dollars I do not have available atm?

Thanks for the help 


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    Basically, not at this time.

    HF4Express is the free version, which most people try first, then try the Pro version - with no export ability - which if they like, they buy. Or they decide Express is good enough and/or perhaps buy some addons for it, if they only need specific effects that are in those addon packs.

    HF2017 Express is due out some time in May(ish), which would have the same version number for the project file you created from HFPro 2017, so if you can wait until then, that might work for you - although any Effects you applied that are not in the Express version would be removed - unless you bought an addon pack with them in it.

    If you can't wait, you'll need to redo your work in HF4 Express.  It'll take you half the time or less than it took before because you already know how you want to edit it.

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    You can buy Pro or wait for the inevitable future release of HFE 2017.

    HF 2017 projects cannot be opened in HF 4.

  • @Unarmedtoast1234  As a final option if you can't wait, you could load all your media files (video clips, sound, music etc) and the .hfp file up in a zip folder and upload it to your cloud drive of choice and 'Message' someone you know has 2017 Pro (ahem, me) and is willing to render it for you and email the video back to you or upload it to the cloud for you to download. I just did this for someone else in the same sticky wicket, so it's no big thing.

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    On a similar note of confusion: Aren't we able to export from HitFilm Pro 2017 demo , though it is limited to YouTube, for 30 seconds, in 480p, with the HitFilm graphic at the end?

     Do we have to activate the software to enable this export function? 

    In the ActivationApp, we're notified about the refund policy, which is confusing. What refund, if we are not yet buying?


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    @Ady the above linked FAQ needs updating, it seems. 

    Versions prior to 2017 allowed 30 second SD exports to YouTube. Direct YouTube upload was removed in 2017 and the demo now has no export options at all. 

  • Ah, very good. That clears it up. Thank you!

  • @Anthony2016  While it's a major undertaking for the person needing something exported before Express 2017 comes out and might not be the best option, my offer to Unarmedtoast1234 four posts up remains a viable way get a project exported in the short term just a lot of juggling to get all the files together for loading on a cloud somewhere.

  •  @tddavis, thanks so much for the offer. I'm okay for now with simply RAM previewing my projects created with the demo. I sometimes upload Express projects to YouTube, to view them with fresh eyes, for tweaking ideas on the go. That's why I asked. As my chops develop, I am starting to itch for unfettered, full-throttle Pro. Until then, if for reason something changes, I may take you up on export offer. It's nice to know HitFilm has such a supportive forum going on. (smile)

  • @Anthony2016  You're welcome. I am not as proficient as many on here so I try to help where I can.   After the software itself, the forum is the biggest asset Hitfilm has IMHO.

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    @unarmedtoast1234 & @anthony2016 - Sorry for the confusion, but as others have stated the Demo version of HitFilm Pro 2017 does not allow exporting at this time.

    The web team have corrected the out of date FAQ which was an oversight on our behalf, please accept my apologies for any confusion caused.


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