Import Mocha Composit Shot into HitFilm PRO 2017

I track in mocha lines on street , then import tracking data  to the hitfilm pro 2017 as composit shot, after that on the screen shows blue rectangle, how to replace that tracking rectangle with the picture or how use tracking data to put there object 2d or 3d?



  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    You can either drag the footage from the media bin over the track, or copy/paste the tracks and camera into the original comp with your footage. 

  • I made movie with Tracking point: ; works perfecly :-)

    i want do the same with Mocha plugin,  how to connect Mocha for example with that Fireball?


  • Ok, i found what i was looking for, but in Spanish language, all the explanation of 3d model insert HitfilmPro2017,Mocha plugin tracking

    1. Inserting 3d Model

    2. Masks (Mocha export shapes data)

    3. Camera solve (Mocha camera data)

    3. Animating Models

    Maybe this information/tutorial will be useful for others users

  •  Some ideas how to make rotator more realistic?

  • @Hitfilmer186166  I would think they should rotate a lot faster (Don't know you're setting there, but if you keep going around on the rotation setting you get a 1X, 2X etc for the number of degrees so maybe a 7X 360 would work) and you might want to add motion blur if you haven't already.

  •  @HitFilmer186166

    @tddavis is right that the rotor blades should be faster. Look up videos of "helicopter takeoff" on youtube, then you will see how fast the rotor blades are spinning...

    Google the rotation speed of helicopter rotor blades, the number I get is between 450rpm and 600rpm. If your frame rate is 30fps, then this means it takes about 3-4 frames for a complete rotation. Lets call that 3 frames.

    length of composite shot (in frames) / 3 = number of rotations to keyframe.

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    Nice start. Looks like a Blackhawk?

    Tail rotor -counterclockwise (blades should wash up into the main rotors) 
    Tail rotor tip speed - 11 foot diameter, 4 blade - 699 fps
    Main Rotor speed: output/258 rpm 
    Fuselage length: 50 feet
    Height: 16 feet L Q K G.php

    Definitely motion blur will help. Might have to change the master settings for comp motion blur though depending on the speed of your scene.

  •  @HitFilmer186166

    based on the information posted by @GrayMotion, the main rotor has a speed of 258rpm (rotations per minute) and the tail rotor has a speed of 1214rpm.

    your shot is about 22 seconds long, so you want
    258*22/60 = approximately 95 rotations for the main rotor
    and 1214*22/60 = approximately 445 rotations for the tail rotor

  • Wow!  I waaaay undershot the number of rotations, didn't I?  I had no idea the number would be that high. Color me embarrassed...

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @tddavis it happens. Actual engine RPM for various helis and planes can be hard to find. @GrayMotion found a source I was unaware of. 

    Incidentally I round off rotor speeds. I use 480RPM for a main, 1200RPM for a tail. A touch inaccurate, but a little easier when doing the division for scenes. 

    My numbers are an even 8 rotations/second on the main rotor, 20 rotations/second for a tail. Close enough no one will really notice its a bit off, but really easy to calculate and keyframe. 

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