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Hi there,

I stumbled upon "Hitfilm Express" while searching for video editing software, and I decided to give it I try.

What I want to do is to edit footage I captured with my drone, a DJI Mavic Pro. These videos are stored as *.mov-files, and when I want to import them into a project, Hitfilm tells me I need to install Quicktime. Now as Quicktime for Windows was discontinued some time ago, I didn't want to install it. Instead, I tried to simply change the file extension from .mov to .mpg. To my own surprise, this worked fine, Hitfilm was able to import and play the clip. Changing a file extension of course does not transcode the video, so it seems that Hitfilm is well capable of handling these videos, but doesn't even try to do so when it sees the .mov extension.

So what I'd like to know if there is a way to make Hitfilm import those videos without having to change the file extension of each.


  • Aladdin4dAladdin4d Moderator

    The short answer is no. 

    The longer answer is you can use Bulk Rename Utility to change the extension of all your clips at once to .mp4  (not .mpg) and they'll work in HitFilm. 

    The long term fix is to set your Mavic to save MP4 files instead of MOV files then you won't have to change anything at all. The recordings stay the same the only thing that changes is the container/file extension.

    More information - QuickTime Windows is dead but the latest version of the installer does not install any of the security risk stuff so it's ok to go ahead and install it you want but you'll still get better performance in HitFilm by changing the extension of your files to MP4 or choosing MP4 to begin with. 

  • Okay, thanks a lot. I didn't even know I could make the Mavic use mp4 instead of mov. 

    I hope I remember to change that setting the next time I fly.

  • Interesting, given that it is so easy to have the QT – Essentials Only.
    Plus it refers to a core recorded video.
    The same changes will not work if you NEED the alpha on the .mov because you are laying in with the transparent background.
    I run the QT-EO with my Express and it works just fine.
    Certainly better than attempting a crude chroma key for the same purpose.

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