my clip goes black please help

Hi, I'm kinda new in the editing and i have a problem. So now I'm editing short film for my classes and on timeline i have a lot of cut clips i wanted to make a composite shot for one of them but when i clicked 'make composite shot' my clip went black. When I was in the composite shot and clicked play there was just black screen. When i went back to my timeline this clip was black there too.  I don't know if i described everything correctly but like i said I'm not super good in editing. Someone please help me, please.


  • @Greenrose I've had something like that happen sometimes, try restarting HitFilm. That usually solves the problem for me.

  • Thank you for advice, i tried but unfortunately nothing happened :(

  • hmmm in that case I don't know. System specs?

  • I have this problem too, please help

  • @Rocket7878 Can you post a screenshot or two showing the problem?  You'll have to upload it to an image sharing service of some kind, like, or your own web hosting if you wish.

  • @Rocket7878 & @Greenrose What did you use to record your clips? I've seen this happen with material that was recorded with a variable frame rate.

  • @Aladdin4d I have the same problem and i used OBS(Open Broadcaster Software) to record the clip.

  • @KarimAKL You might need to run your existing clips through Handbrake or FFMpeg to make sure you have a constant frame rate. This thread covers both methods:

    Transcoding to fast decode AVC for timeline edit performance

    Read through the whole thread because NormanAVC also has settings to use with OBS in later comments so you won't have to do this with future recordings 


  • @Alladin4d I have the same problem as mentioned above and I use Shadowplay to record.

  • @Greenrose, I've found one work around (just checked this forum since I had this problem).

    Try to make a composite shot from your original footage, straight after you have imported it. I tried to cut down/ trim a clip etc. then make the composite shot, but applying effects through the composite shot first, then trimming etc. afterwards seemed to have solved the problem. I can view the clip perfectly fine through the editor sequence and the composite shot as oppose to before, where it was just a black screen. It may be a little more inconvenient and tedious but... 

  • Pinged @Ady is this a design feature or something not working?

  • I think i figured it out. I put my video on normal speed and then it stopped going black. I hope this helps! 

  • I am having this problem with a clip in one of my edits. Mine is all cell phone footage. And I have tried everything above. I even deleted the clip reloaded and it still does it. It had me pulling my hair out last night.

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