Medieval Ludlow from some photos - Updated!

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I've been quite inspired by some of the stuff I've seen from video game intros where they've built up a whole medieval scene from practically nothing - so I've had a quick go myself.
Okay - so I cheated a bit by using 4 or 5 photographs of Ludlow which is already a medieval town :P but I'm really pleased with the result - with a bit of tidying-up it could happily pass as an opening shot in one of my little animated movies. I've finished with a quick walk through of the various stages of the process, just so you can see where it started from.


  • I love all of it, the way you have put the mountains with the town, and graded it is awesome, along with the light cloudy fog in the background, however, if you made the bid get smaller instead of fade out it would look more realistic, and I felt like the smoke w rising to quickly and straight (windless day!) but other than that it was good!!!!
  • This looks great! I especially liked the colour grading and the chimney smoke, i also liked the birds flying past- it would have been cool to see some cg elements on the streets if you ever wanted to expand on this- maybe some hay, wagons..a couple of pigs trotting around :D Looks good all the same.
  • I really like how youve done that. I think im going to have to take a walk into the countryside to get some photos of my town to have a go at that
  • That was very nice. My only complaint is that all the smoke is the same. You should make some smaller and some wider. Otherwise fantastic work.
  • Nice work! I agree with all the other comments, but would also add that the final grade on the mountains is unnecessary - it actually reduces the realism of the shot because it emphasises a hard divide between the mountains and the city. I much prefer the version just prior to that last bit of grading.
  • Impressive. Not being familiar with Ludlow I have to ask, is that water between the buildings? Was there flooding or is it natural like Venice?
    The birds fading would be my biggest stickler. Just have them get smaller like Froi mentioned, unless they're entering some kind of interdimensional portal!
  • Right -
    I've read all of the feed back and tried amending things - I altered a lot of the chimney smoke but am a little disappointed in how similar it all still feels - more work to be done there, I think. Birds shrink in size a bit more and I've added some medieval people down in the street, complete with thier own burning barrel! :D
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