Who remembers the HitFilm OL'DAYS?

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Who remembers the old days, there wasn't more than a handful of tutorials, and look how many there are now :P

It's been an interesting journey to see how HitFilm has come this far with so many new tutorials now as well from the HitFilm team and public.

How long before HitFilm takes over the top position, e.g AE, Adobe Premier Pro etc?  What needs to happen in HitFilm before that can happen?


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    Well, I've been part of HitFilm since HitFilm 2 Express was free but not earlier than that.

    I'm going to say until FxHome can afford to bribe other large companies to use their product. =/

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    This made me startup FXHome CompositeLab and EffectsLab to see how far things have come.

    Blimey... visually Hitfilm is much better (which isn't a surprise considering it's 10 years ago) but the usability has increased dramatically. I struggled to complete something before a) the program crashed or b) I hit so many wrong buttons I had to start over.

    While the evolution of Hitfilm is remarkable (and must be applauded) I must admit that those sharing their knowledge on YouTube is a HUGE factor in why I'm getting good use out of it.

  • Sounds awesome @tonyg ;)

  • @tonyg Ah the lab products, now that's old school. Though there were FXHOME video products even before that!

    We were reminiscing about the night HitFilm officially launched only the other week, so exciting! Both the software and our tutorial content have come a long way since, and it's been great to see the community growing around it all too.

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    The software and your tutorial content have come a long way, and so has your net worth @DanielGWood :P


  • I do remember having something before the 'lab' products but can't remember what is was called. Please put me out of my misery and remind me what is was called.

    I do remember the FXHome packages were quite expensive (for me) at the time. The dilemma was I wanted the effects but greenscreen was in composite. In the end I justified getting both by not going to the pub for a month

    ... and then VisionLab (?) came out

  • Such classics as AlamDV, Chromanator and VideoWrap...

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    @DanielGWood oddly enough the old Alamdv.com URL is now a "League of Legends" page. 

  • I had VisionLab and VideoWrap. :)

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    Started in 2009 with Vision Lab.

    Was the best piece of software for me doing Light Sword effects and ... Vision Lab was affordable (as it is now the same with Hitfilm) !

  • I was gonna save this for Throwback Thursday but couldn't wait.


  •  That's an eye opener. 'Traditional' forum software. :)

  • Ahhh, reminiscing :)

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