WIZARD VFX - A Wand Duel

Many of you seem to recognize me in the forums so I try not to spam here XD

But if you're not subscribed to my YouTube channel, I'd love for you to check out my latest video. I used HitFilm 2 Ultimate for editing / compositing and I'm always open to feedback so let me know what you think :)



  • You know I always dig your videos :) Great work!

  • very nice clip, good idea.  maybe a little bit more warm colors.

  • The wand-to-umbrella bit at 17 seconds was very well done. Even playing back at 0.25 speed on YouTube I couldn't see the join. 

    It was real magic! To the ducking stool with them!

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Nicely done. I always enjoy your shorts. For whatever reason, I think the sneeze is my favorite bit. 

  • Really nicely done, as Palacono said, umbrella change was spot on. But I want more!!! please..

    One minor point when the character chucks the umbrella behind I was not sure would of done that, just a magic wave an its back would of sold that more for me. A SNAKE now that I'd of dropped.

  • If you want some really nice spell effects, try using  http://footage.productioncrate.com/magic-powers.html 

    I use this website for a lot of my effects and there is a wide variety of free effects and just for $39 a year, you can get even more effects. (Some of them are in 4k)

  • Is this HF express then, otherwise u can make some cool effects with the particle stimulater.

  • Thanks guys! I appreciate the feedback.

    And @Andy001z it's a much, much older version of HitFilm called HitFilm 2 Ultimate and it is all but extinct nowadays haha

    The particle simulator is always quite a bit of work for me so I tend to use stock footage, and that's what you see here :)

  • @autintheweird I hear you on the getting it done anyhow. If it looks good then it works.

  • LOVE IT !! But i think there is a liitle too much camera movement


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Andy001z FYI 2 Ultimate is effectively "2 Pro." "Pro" became the "high-end" designation with v. 3.

    2 Ultimate is still very capable. Obviously it doesn't have the enhancements of later revisions, but Austin's videos consistently show how power 2 Ultimate is. 

    Trivia: If you saw Austin's "Go Pro Portals" video, well, the built-in Portal effect was added in v3, so Austin had to build custom portals. 

    Trivia 2: Austin, 2 Ultimate has one advantage over later versions: the proxy system added in v3 means you can only run a single instance of Hitfilm. 2 Ultimate is the last version where you can open Hitfilm, start a render, then open a second instance of Hitfilm and work on another project. I actually keep 2 Ultimate active for that reason--to start a render in Pro 2017, but open 2 Ultimate to start the next project (which can migrate forward if/when I need newer features.)

  • @triem23 cheers Been here beeline it or not long enough to see the HF ultimate line. My interest started back when they gave the HF Express 2 away for free doing a promo, that was before it went fully free and modulised.

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