Shaken, not stirred-

Well now,... I've put together a composite shot with several masks in place and I now need to provide a camera shake.

Here's the scene:  we're on the bridge of a starship in battle,... shot in full lighting.  I've gone in, for this short clip, and dimmed down the overall lighting, using masks to create up-angle "interactive" bridge console lighting on the actors.  I have another mask in place to prevent the background readouts, on the walls, from dimming with the rest of the bridge.

The only thing parented to anything are two console-up-lit crew faces, which are the top layers.

How can I now add a camera shake without everything going out of register (which it seems to want to, when I tried it)



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    Put shake on a grade layer at the top of the stack? 

  •  I'll give that a try... thanks.  Also, I just saw, in the "Hitfilms Effects Library", posted last year,... that I can, apparently, apply 'shake' to the entire composite shot in the editor timeline, effecting every layer equally - so I'll try both  :-)

  • Okay, here's what I discovered:  Adding shake to the composite shot, in the editor, applies that effect to the entire clip with no keyframing.  Adding it to a grade layer, as you suggested, allows me to keyframe the shakes (hits from enemy weapons) as needed.

    Thank you so much for your help-

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    @DesignR correct. As a general note, you cannot keyframe anything in the Editor Timeline (exception--Audio track levels with the Audio Mixer Panel in HF2017). Which is why I suggested the grade layer. 

  • Well, it worked,... thank you.

    So, I've put the piece on a YouTube page, not accessed by the public, but available to anyone who sees this.

    This is a section from a teaser-trailer of a project for which I provided Designs.  The bridge scene was all greenscreen, composited with a CG background by another fellow.  In Hitfilm, I added the red elements (into the blacked-out moment) along with my first attempt to create 'sparks' during that moment - and I do need help on those.

    The following close-up scene is the one I just completed (discussed above, as the topic of this discussion) so you can see how that turned out.

    I know I have a long way to go, these being my first efforts using Hitfilm, so I wanted to thank you again for your help-

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    Video is currently set to "Private." Change that to" Unlisted" so we can see it. :-) 

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     Dang,... sorry 'bout that - it's up, now-

  • ooh, very nice...

  •  Thanks,... the real Hitfilm "magic" is the close-up scene, with the under-lit faces - originally a fully-lighted scene.

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