Fake Guns In My Yard?

I am working on a film and I need to have guns in it. They are replica airsoft guns. They look like real guns, except for the orange tip. I don't want the orange tip, but I don't want someone to see the people using the guns and call the cops. 

What should I do?


  • You will be fine no one's gonna call the cops.

  • If they look like real guns, people are going to think they're real guns. I would film with the orange tip and then remove/recolor it with VFX.

  • And to answer what you should do. JUST FILMMAKE

  • I hate your comment

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    You have two basic choices. 

    You can repaint the tips to look more realistic, then pass out flyers (or put in mail/post boxes) to your neighbors saying, "Hey, shooting a film on >day< at >place<with fake guns. No need to worry."

    Or, leave the gun tips orange and commit to doing correction in post. In this case, you'll have to manually mask all gun tips and use color correction tools to darken, desaturate and blend. It's totally possible, just dull. 

    In this case you should still get out flyers. Always let people around know when shooting gun and fight scenes. 

  • JK i think he should us vfx

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    Im this kids friend im talking to him right now

  • On an episode of Film Riot he said that you should tell the police what you are doing. Just so they know. What do you all think of that?

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    Actually a very good idea. Do so. 

  • I think that sounds sensible, of course they might ask if you have an filming permits I guess you just need to understand the local laws as to where and what you can film.

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    @Andy001z often depends on your "level." If you're young 'uns (up to late teens), usually they just appreciate the warning. If you're a student film, you might be ok. Anything commercial and they will want a permit. 

    Since it's "Fake guns in my yard," telling the neighbors is probably good enough, since I assume they know you. Anywhere outside the neighborhood, yeah, telling police is still safe. 

    I, personally, have been sat down at gunpoint for carrying a plastic, clicky-trigger shotgun (the director's sympathy was asking the cops to take me outside and yell at me there, so he could get on with filming). 

    They happened to be the undercover plainclothes assigned to shadow traffic enforcement. One of them was very grumpy/macho/bad cop ("Man, you're lucky I just didn't shoot you!") the other, businesslike, but amused ("Ok, you were dumb. Innocent, but dumb"). 

    On the other hand I now know I am actually calm when a loaded weapon is pointed at me with hostile intent. 

  • Another good thing to do I think is to make everyone else but actors wear high viz jackets. You can tape a sign on the back saying "Film Crew" or other. This way someone walking by is much less likely to freak out.

    I would also definitely alert the neighbours in advance and then remind them on the day.

  • Call your local PD and let them know ahead of time what you're doing and that it's on your own private property. They are usually really chill if you live in the midwest.

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    Thanks everyone for the responses!

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    In my area you just go to the police. Put up a sign saying that you are filming, and if possible let the behind the scenes staff wear vests. In Sweden our Airsoft guns are not sold with orange tips. If your airsoft guns use CO2, then do all of the above. People watching through cars, windows, etc won't be able to tell the difference otherwise. You will also look a lot more professional, which is never a bad thing. Enjoy filming, guys! :D

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