• @StephansBilderwelt err dude this is just a link, looks well suspect, any wrap around info about what it is?

  • @Andy001z [Sherlock Holmes mode engaged]

    The first part of the url tell us that it is a link to a page on the website "premiumbeat". The next part of the url suggests that the page in question is a blog, and the next segment "8-essential-cuts-every-editor-should-know" suggests that we are looking at a blog post discussing eight different kinds of cuts that the author of the blog believes we ought to know about.

    The section after the ? tells us that the author of the post (or at least of the page) uses Google Analytics to track how much traffic they receive from particular sources, and that OP found out about this blog through Facebook.

    Checking the HTML of this page tells us that the link does link to the url shown.



    I clicked the link. It's fine.

  • Aladdin4dAladdin4d Moderator

    @JMcAllister ;

    "There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact."


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    The following occurred when I clicked the link.

  • This link is a alternativ facts link, it points to a page called facebook, and this goes straight to the guy with the bad hair. He will then send a Tweet out into the world that cutting is no good and that because of hair cutting a lot of bad things happened in Sweden. Just a little later he finds out that this is actually not true and calls it.....alternativ fact.....

    Just read the article, it´s good for you! :)

  • Ohh I think I saw a short video on YouTube about this thing called alternative facts (#fakenews). Thanks all for the confirmation, I guess I knew it was ok, I can ready links but just thought for the purity of our forum best to let people know its safe.

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