Graphics Card for 3D Modeling & Hitfilming

I am buying a new PC and it has an IntelR HD graphics 620  I was wondering whether that would be a good graphics card for video editing and 3D modeling? I will probably be using Bender for now for 3D modeling.


  • HitFilm's youtube channel dedicated a video about the best PC for video editing. They recommended a very powerful GPU like Nvidia's GTX 1070 or 1080. 

  • Rule of thumb: buy the meanest, screaminist, mondo machine you can afford.  You're going to have it a while.   So ROI is key.  

    And as far as HF, buy as much GPU power as you can.  A high-powered CPU comes in second.  A decent amount of Ram, third.

  • Nvidia's GTX series I believe has recently had a price dip due to the new 1080 Ti card release. I am using a GTX 1060 3GB in Hitfilm and it perfoms OK, it really depends what kind of pressure you are going to put it under.

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    @RaghavBhat is this laptop or Desktop ??

  • This is a laptop, and it automatically comes with graphics card i stated above, so if i need one i would probably have to buy it separately.

  • To add a GPU to a laptop, you'll most likely need an external box like a RazerCore.

  •  @WhiteCranePhoto   As I live and breathe, I had absolutely no clue this was even a thing.  Very cool to know.

  • @Aladdin4d  Oh, I will own one of those if my laptop will support it.  I have a perfectly good radeon card that I thought was conflicting with pinnacle studio 19 (that wasn't the problem btw) and I can't even recall the model it's been that long laying on a shelf.

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