Teaser Trailer: FREEDOM!

Now here is a film that I have been working on for quite a while now. FREEDOM, a war film about (obviously) freedom :) Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think!



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    Pretty good, a couple of scences river night shot and the next one are very nicely done. I can see allot of effort here in the titles but not sure the transition works, how about make it all black and white and slow the speed.

  • What transition are you talking about? all of them? and making what black and white, the transition? Thank you for your response!

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    And I really enjoy making the Title Sequences, they are my favorite!


  • @HIS_Films  The older I get the more relevant the images of young boys carrying on warfare becomes.  It seems like soldiers get younger every year to me.  The piece had a nice flow to it and, whether intended or not, packed a little bit a message there too. Possibly Andy was referring to the opening shot after the title card "A Cause"  The light there is very harsh and to me doesn't sit as well in the tone you have going as other shots.  Maybe a little darkening like your river scene but not as much as that here just to blend it in better at the start. If you could try and match the 2nd shot coming around the pine tree more it might flow better.  Just an old man's thoughts... most certainly not correct either. 

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    Thanks for the advice! I'm still working on my color correction. Some shot's are easy and other I can't do as well. Thanks :)

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    Can you please create a nice video of kindness to people, not always war and killing? :)  

    Maybe a video about the destructiveness of bullying?  Or something nice like that, educational?

    Thank you, would love to see you do that.

  • Excellent stuff! Escapism at it's best! Especially loved the aerial scene! :)


  • Yeremyah I can do tutorial's for you of my video if that's what you want :),  maybe even the jet shot in the sky! But you gotta love some action! I might in the future do some educational stuff, but I don't know. I do have some comedy if that's what you want to see :) but thank you for your comment and yours as well WedgeOz!

  • @HIS__Films you are good at making videos, learning a lot.

    Would just love to see you make some positive educational video one day, maybe something around bullying, show someone being bullied, then heaps of people gang up on the bully.  POWER in NUMBERS :)  Can make it educational with a fun twist.

    All the best ;) 

  • Gotcha I agree I don't always want to do stuff with killing (or at all for that matter) I don't know if you saw my ultimate chase fight its got a good guy chasing a robber! here is the link; :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sD-waenOfBo

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    @HIS__Films it seems you have been deeply conditioned and obsessed for VIOLENCE.

    Consider making a NON-violent film one day please :)  You are very talented, nice to see you do a peaceful video that has a powerful and positive message about it.

    All the best :)

  • Sounds good! Thank you for your Honesty :)  I will definitely  do something like that in the future.

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    Technically, this is a well shot, well edited piece. I'll agree that first overhead shot is way too bright, but it looks like highlights may have clipped which limits how much you can correct it. 

    Titles are fantastic. 

    I ain't touching the conversation on "suitability of content."

  • Sounds great @HIS__Films :)  You seem like a mature headed kid ;)

    All the best.

  • On another note @HIS__Films, you would be great at creating an end time Armageddon type of film :)

  • Yea, I don't know if I'm going to do that! Trust me, in the future i'll do something not so violent, after I get done with the project I am working on :)

  • Please don't hurt any humans or animals in your current project ;)

  • @Yeremyah while I agree that the world would be a far nicer and safer place if we humans set aside our love for conflict, pain and the ability to hurt fellow man, it is unfortunately still part of this world and sometimes portraying that is a necessary thing. It often can drive emotion and thought to help better this world. That all said I do feel you are maybe applying a fair bit of pressure on @HIS_Films with your own views. Not looking to start a flaming / grilling or whatever term is appropriate just think each to their own should apply, sharing ideas and direction is cool.

    Peace and love (with sincerity)

  • What he said. Each to his own as long as no one is hurt and no laws are broken. Freedom of speech and expression is important.

  • Hey, I do not mind at all what people say ;) I like to know what people think, then apply that in a balanced way :) My next project does not have anybody getting hurt :) just some action shots mixed with comedy :) and Yeremyah you are not applying any pressure to me :) and like what Andy001z said "sharing ideas and direction is cool!"

  • Arrhhh everyone GROUP HUG!!

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    @Andy001z It's unfortunately still part of this world because people still keep it alive and in last 10 years I have seen it become part of most movies and videos which is sad to see in my opinion :(  It's nice to see "warm and fuzzy" videos too, which are very rare these days:(

    Here is an example:


    I don't have power to "apply pressure" on His_Films to do anything, he will do what he is convicted to do, he seems like a strong and level headed kid.

    Just because someone says they would like to see His_Films create a nice educational and positive video, because it's very obvious to me that he has talent  and passion, and he will definitely improve his skills, maybe become a professional video editor one day, that doesn't mean someone is applying "pressure", it's only a suggestion which a person can take it or leave it.

    Thank you @His_Films for your comments :)

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