How can I deal with this problem with my acting agent?

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Hello guys,

Not sure which forum I should post this in, but I have a problem with my agent who gets me acting jobs, and I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to handle it.

Basically I got a lead acting gig, after auditioning for a movie being shot. I taped my own audition, then gave it to my agent, and then she sent it in.

They liked it, I got the job, and I was told to be at a certain address on a certain date, to start shooting the first scene.

However, a couple of days before the shoot, I found out that the shoot is going on in a completely different city. The name of the street of the location is the same name of a street in my city so it was confusing.

However, I think I am on bad terms now with the agent because of this. It is only two days till the shoot, and I don't think it's worth traveling that far, for the movie, on such short notice, without any travel expenses paid for or anything. What do you think?

Should I politely just tell them it was a mistake cause of the same street name, and I was given no information from my agent about going to a different city till it was very late? Or how should I approach this?

I am a animator and have worked with multiple firms
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  • Is the work worth doing for your portfolio?

    Would doing the shoot mean meeting people who could get you future work, or just  get you more practice, or a dozen other things that anyone else would pay to have access to?

    Do you want a reputation as someone who flakes out at short notice and leaves the people shooting the film with a problem?
    Your problem is not (yet) their problem, keep it that way.

    Do the shoot, play nice, suck up the costs for all the other advantages (and not creating future disadvantages),

    Then get another agent who can read.

  • Do it for XP points and as it's a lead will look good. Sometimes u just need to do it, who knows where it might lead, and if u don't ur kick itself later.

  • Do the shoot, and check in with your agent to make sure that he/she has the correct address for you.

    There might be other really good opportunities in the other city down the road... if you flake now you might be out of the running for all of them. 

    And next time you'll be forewarned. :)


  • Helpful answers guys!

    However, I think we've all been duped - the phrasing of this post is (particularly the sign-off) is very similar to another unusually generic post by a new member.

    I think these are spam designed to promote the links at the end of each post, so I'm going to intentionally break the links. I'll leave the original post and thread in though, as the answers are great!

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