Making 20 copies of actor

I want to take 2 actors and create them 20 different times wearing different clothing and put them on a stage dancing.  I will be using a greenscreen.  Is this where I would use layers?  I am supper new to this and need someones help.


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    Are you wanting to just clone them from a single clip and trying to change the clothes in post?  That would be next impossible, I think.  If you are intending to have the 2 change clothes and film separate dancing clips in front of the green screen, then yes, keying and arranging them in layers would certainly work, I'm sure.  Placement and depth placement to push some behind others will help I think.

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    Yes it is.

    Here's what someone did with the example files provided on the Hitfilm VFX course, which was all about making a few people look like more.

    And another one using Green screen specifically.

  • Thank you that really helped a lot.

  • @tddavis depending on the clothes... Solid be replaced. Roto work can isolate things, but, yeah, you still need a bunch of different clips. 

  • @Palacono ;

    I took that course and completely did not think of mentioning  that exercise.  Good example.

    @Triem23 ;

    I would not have thought that was at all doable, but rotoscoping is one of the many areas of Hitfilm I have yet to touch on. :)

  • There is also a HitFilm tutorial about making an army of Storm Troopers. Of course they don't move around but are shown in ranks as the camera pans.

  •  I know how to do a composite clip and add 1 greenscreen clip. How in the world do you add a wnd clip to that composite. Do i do the keying on the clip and save it then add it. Is there a number to call for tech support or a mentor 

  • @foofoorukuStudios  You can drag & add multiple clips in a single composite.  Just drop each one under the last and add the key effect to each one and then position them where you want in the composite clip. Sorry that I misunderstood what you were asking about the first time.

  • Do i need to do the keying before i add them. When i add the second clip it is just black in the viewer.  

  • Can i call you?  You seem to be WAY better at this than me and im pulling out my hair whats left of it. 

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    Here is a screen shot of a quickie thing I threw together.  I had a contest entry of Misha Collins that was the first green screen I could find and didn't take time to work on the key to perfection, but what I did was drag the first clip over set the key (didn't add any clean up effects to it but they are there under matte enhancement) and a different key effect might work better.  Then I copied that clip 4 times and moved them around to make multiple Castiels.

    Oh, I'm a semi noob at this myself.  I'm learning all the time from the gurus here in the forum and Youtube channels that get linked here.  I'm not the one to call for expert advice by any means.  If this doesn't get you going, Just send up a flare here.  I check often, and kibbitz when I can. 

    By the way, what key are you using?  I can't figure out why it turn the other layers black???

    Okay, did another and used a better key choice and added matte cleanup tools as well.  Only duped twice this time.

  •  Dude that is what im trying to do. 

    So i select my clip go to effects keying then hue and then controls drag the eye drop over to green screen which gets rid of the background then i add my background which outs my keyed object in the foreground. 

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    @foofoorukuStudios   You are putting the background under the clip with key, right?  Another thing to check is under Layer Properties see that your blend mode is on normal.

    If you have a cloud to upload your clip to maybe you could send me a link to download it and see what's going on there.

  • Im going to record what im doing and send it to u. Can we attach media. 

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    @foofoorukuStudios  No, the forum can't handle attachments.  You have to post a link to an offsite storage like OneDrive or Google Drive. If it's smaller than 25mb you could attach it to an email.  I can Inbox you privately with an email address.

  • As @tddavis has already told you, you need to keep the keyed footage above the background layer in the composite shot. 

    If you are planing to add 2 dancers 20 times, that's 40 keyed video layers! So, it will be good to make proxies once that green screen key effect is applied to your layers, so your GPU doesn't commit suicide. 

    Also, remember to have an even light set up for your green screen, and a fast shutter speed, so you don't end with blurry green footage after keying.

  • @foofoorukuStudios ; not sure if that course is going to come back or not but you can register your interest in it and you will be notified if it becomes available again. They might be working on doing an update to the current version of Hitfilm instead of it being for the previous Hitfilm 3. One of the moderators or staff might have a little insight on if it will be getting posted again to Futurelearn. It was a great class and a load of useful information there and not at all overwhelming. Best part is that you can revisit it anytime if you need a refresher or learn at your own pace as it is always available to come back to.

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