UPDATE: Set to private until Monday release date (Thank you for feedback)

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I am about to start a vlog series and would really appreciate some feedback on this first episode. This video is currently unlisted and the launch date is Monday (2 Days from now).


Things to keep in mind:

  • These were shot almost a year ago (Last April)
  • The third episode I unbox a new camera, so from there on the visual quality improves drastically
  • Is it watchable?
  • Is the pacing ok?
  • Is the music choice decent?
  • Is the content semi-interesting?
  • Does it feel like there is a narrative/story to the episode?


  • This is very good dude, You gained a sub!

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    @TriFlixFilms  Love the green screen painted wall!  I also like the platform idea above the mattress drawer.  Makes good use of space.  The music was just fine to me and what I would expect from this type of documentary/reality-type program. Pacing?  I felt it a bit long at the end.  Maybe it could have been trimmed a minute or so, but that's just an old man's perception there.  It seemed to have a narrative of the follow through on the project and I felt it was interesting to watch.

    On a personal note, you can tell it's a young man's room by the height of the bed.   Me, I'm trying to make mine higher so it doesn't hurt so much to get out in the morning!  Getting old sucks!


  • Hey, so is this a relaunch of ur channel, I am sure I was already sub u. The video is fine.

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    Grateful for the feedback!

    • Thank you so much, man! Hope I can make your proud! @amc121
    • Was there a specific part that you felt dragged on too long? Also I've never thought about it but I can see where you're coming from on the bed height hahahaha @tddavis
    • Not really a relaunch but my account will be much more active now than last semester @andy001z

    The reason I am launching the vlog series is for shear numbers. After viewing the analytics I see that videos will lower quality but put out in mass numbers gain followings much faster than high quality ones that rely on going viral. I hope that this series will teach me how to turn footage into a story by giving it a narrative as well as make it visually pleasing/entertaining. 

    I am not expert and just trying new things till I find my niche and what works :)

  • Interesting, my only thought is channels like Sam & Niko do put out a lot of clog style quick videos, eg recent shoot arrow at a friend. But I stick with them because I like them and the occasional quality video means I stay loyal. Try and connect with ur audience. Good luck.

  • I see you've gone from Unlisted to Private....

    @Andy001z I'm unsub'd from Sam and Niko. But, hey, that's all personal preference. I just don't care about unboxing videos, shooting NERF guns at each other, How to fix Star Wars, and "Say Hi to Random People" was the last "I don't care."

    I'll wait for the next major Corridor release and it's BTS, otherwise, the time wasted on the every other day crap is slowing down the production of the "real" stuff.

    But I'm a grumpy middle aged man, and I'm really not the target audience for YouTube and it's marketing. Hell I could "game" the Youtube algorithm by cutting my Hitfilm University tutorials into roughly 5 minute segments and releasing one every day, which would reward me for 1) releasing every day) and 2) "short attention span theater" (Youtube gives higher placement to shorter vids--which is why FXHOME tutorials used to run to 20-30 minutes during Hitfilm 2 and are 5-10 minutes now). Nope, I'll make my long-ass tutorials, and not worry about the view count.

  • @TriFlixFilms  I can't pinpoint any specific part that seemed too long.  It is more a subjective overall feel for me.  I was all good with it but I did find myself about a minute to go moving the mouse to bring up the progress bar and check the time.  Again, it's probably just my old age more than anything but I thought I'd mention it to you not as a criticism, so much as something to think about.

  • @Triem23 "...I'll make my long-ass tutorials, and not worry about the view count..."

    The length (and resulting thoroughness) of your tutorials is what makes them stand out as a truly useful resource. 

  • @triem23 have to admit more and more I dip into the video and do out on those silly vids. I like the gaming vr ones but only because a it looks fun and reminds me of my gaming youth with mates.

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    Yeah, I suppose it is preference. I honestly like Sam & Niko more than Corridor now. However I never watch Rocket Jump or Rocket Jump Film School anymore. 

    I think it depends mostly on entertainment vs education and the demographic you want to hit. Based on the rate of growth it seems shorter regular videos retain audiences better and grow them faster than the random viral videos. My most viewed video has over 50% of my views but generated less than 10% of my subscribers. While most of my subs were actually created by the lower quality "Fix" and "Films" series I did. 

    Like I said, I don't have all the answers but whatever it is that I was doing... wasn't working. I only have a months worth of vlog footage so we will see at the end of the trial if its an effective method for channel growth or not.

    Personally, I love seeing people grow and develop so hopefully I'll hit that audience with this series. 

    Side note:

    I am already half way done with the 4th vlog and plan on releasing two per week (Monday the 2nd episode releases and Friday the 3rd one). Thus, as long as I stay ahead on them I can continue to make short films, tutorials, as well as paid projects for clients :)

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