Is this any good? (age restriction) (cringe aleart)

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Ok so today i finished my first short film, this is thefirst time i used hitfilm properly and stuff so i would really appreciate some feedback! Yes i know its very cringy. ;


  • @AMC121  Keep at it!  But for a stronger story line I would suggest plotting out a script on paper to follow along.  You may have here, but it sort of felt a bit improvised in places.  Apologies if you did do a script though.

    I am very interested to know how you created the storm approaching at about 6:38?  I was working on a similar effect from a Blender displacement tutorial I found on Youtube, but I never could get it to look anywhere close to what you have here.  

  • Thanks dude and yeah i dint have a script we just came up with the idea on the day and really wanted to shoot it lol.

    And for the storm it is an effect of   

  • @AMC121  Hey, thanks for the link.  Could be very handy to have.

  • Very neat concept :) To improve the portal effects I recommend checking out this video  :)

  • Thanks dude!

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