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Last night I filmed a series of short interviews with models who were auditioning for an upcoming pageant. I filmed them in 2K ProRes which even on my GPU-challenged machine runs fine in HitFilm (unless I have a scopes window open, scopes must eat computing power).

I recorded the audio separately, since I don't yet have XLRs with preamps on my Red.

Syncing is where I'm running into problems. The camera segments clips into 4GB chunks. That means that the long-running interview shot is split into a bunch of files. The first one syncs up fine. The rest don't, and I'm guessing that it's due to the ambient noise; I suspect that the scratch mics weren't able to record the models' dialog cleanly enough for the waveform analysis to find a match because of the ambient noise. 

This is one case where spanning ProRes files would be a huge improvement. There's also a fatal flaw; HitFilm won't let me extend the audio track to its full length after I sync it, so I can't use the expedient of lengthening it out and laying the rest of the clips in behind the first one, taking advantage of the first one being synced.

I'm going to see if I can stitch the segmented clips into a single one, stuff that back into the bin, and merge with that...

As an enhancement, I think the merge function should be available in the timeline, I think it would be more user friendly than merging in bins, especially in projects with lots of clips.




  • As the suboptimal workaround, I'm sure @Aladdin4d, @Stargazer54 and/or @NormanPCN could tell you how to merge clips with ffmpeg or VirtualDub? 

  • I'm rendering the original recordings to Cineform as a single clip... I'll load that up and try merging with that, then apply Graeme's LUTs to see how the footage looks. :)


  • That worked. Transcoding to Cineform is a tedious extra step, but it worked. 

  • FFMpeg should do it but depending on how the audio tracks are mapped you might have to jump through some mapping hoops to get it to go. The basics are make a text file called something like myclips listing the clips like so: (note the double \\ is required for FFmpeg Win)

    file C:\\ConcatTest\\
    file C:\\ConcatTest\\

    Save the file then run the following command:

    ffmpeg -f concat -safe 0 -i myclips.txt -c copy C:\ConcatTest\


  • Meh. HitFilm 2017 supports 8K... but it doesn't support the most popular 8K camera on the market? 

    Admittedly, it's not exactly a budget friendly camera at $30K... but why support 8K and not allow importing 8K footage?

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