Totally new & confused - but really excited...

Hey, All,... I'm finding the hundreds (thousands?) of tutorial videos really exciting - but am looking for one that is 'absolutely'  B A S I C  -  from bringing files in to setting the timeline duration, to exporting my masterpiece.

Also, I'm looking for something that will tell me how to create a traveling matte.  I want to fly a spaceship behind someone.

Thanks,  Andrew-


  • This is the "BEST" beginners tutorial for HitFilm, a must watch :)

  • I don't have import/export tutorials yet (that's this week's project), but get yourself familiar with the Hitfilm interface.

  • Thank you both for such a quick reply,... really excited !


  • All the best Andrew :)

  • @Andrew_P I don't normally plug my Youtube channel on the forums, but in your case I will make an exception, :) My Hitfilm Tutorial channel is very much geared toward beginners and mostly Express users. Feel free to browse around and check out some of the videos. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask either here on the forums or you can email me directly at Also, my most recent video is on how to export your video masterpiece!


  • Yes, Sensei,... I'm subscribed to your YouTube channel.


    I now have another question, regarding editing.  I have various videos in my timeline and wish to keyframe a move, on a '.jpeg' image, but there are no circles I can click on, and no way I can enter a start keyframe (in the clip I want to 'move') nor an and keyframe.  Look at the screen shot and let me know where to get this corrected - please.

    Great,... your 'insert image' button won't let me browse - to show you what I mean.  What's up with that?



  • @DesignR  The forum doesn't have a way to upload directly to it.  You have use an image hosting site or a cloud drive lije Google drive and post a link to the file there.  Hazarding a guess without your image, it sounds to me like you might in the Editor timeline, yes?  I'm pretty sure you can't key frame there only in composites.  You can then drag that composite from the media panel onto the editor with the key frame moves embedded.  One of the Pros can explain this better, so I'll be quiet and let them tell you better.

  •  Yes, in the Editor timeline.  This all is still confusing to me,... I'll keep reviewing all the tutorials.  And, thanks -

  • @tddavis is correct, positions can be keyframes only in Composite Shots. 

    Think of it like this. The Editor Timeline is where you assemble clips into a sequence, but the Editor Timeline expects the clip to basically be complete. You can add effects and do basic non-animated picture in picture effects, but that's it. 

    Composite Shots are used to create final clips for the Editor Timeline. This is where you do compositing and animation. 

    Otherwise, look up "Keyframing in Hitfilm" or "Animation in Hitfilm," on YouTube and you should find several tutorials. Anything from Hitfilm, AGArtsCo, inScapeDigital, HitfilmSensei, DigitalBlast or ShinyFilms will be solid information. Other tutorials may vary, but are probably accurate. Hitfilm University hasn't done an animation tutorial yet--that's in... Two weeks for a quick overview, three or four for comprehensive. 

  • @DesignR Check out Shiny Film's tutorial on keyframing in Hitfilm 4 Express. This video should answer all of your questions on how to make that happen! The most important thing is to have fun with your projects and try not to be too frustrated.

  • Welcome and yes have fun. There is A LOT of tutorials, @Triem23 recent addition to these while long are worth the watch, he is an experienced user of the software and his tutorials contain a wealth of info. Another option is to keep your eye on Futurelearn an online FREE training resource, Hitfilm have worked with them twice now and the site lists the possibility of more

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