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Red's ProRes is VERY flat, because rather than baking the color into to the clip like most cameras do, it saves the color grade as a LUT. So, the footage looks drab without the LUT, beautiful with it... so naturally, I end up loading this LUT for every clip... which is a major drag.

So I thought I could create a preset, rather than adding a LUT effect individually to each clip, then opening the LUT browser which never remembers the last location I went to, navigating to the folder with the LUTs in it, and loading a LUT.

But... when I right click on the LUT effect, there's no "create preset" option... what am I missing?


  • Have you right-clicked the LUT in the effects panel, or after applied to a layer? I think an effect has to be on a layer to create the preset? 

    If the effect WAS on a layer this is probably a question for staff. 

  • It wasn't in a composite shot, just a regular one. It should be possible to create a preset without requiring a composite shot, maybe that's a feature request?

    It's a common workflow in pro work to build a a LUT on set to pass on to editorial, so that the editor doesn't have to work with flat log footage.


  • @WhiteCranePhoto that's a feature request. Currently Effects Presets can only be created in Composite Shots (although they can be applied in the Editor Timeline). I only found that out myself a couple of weeks ago when recording my Import/Export EVERYTHING tutorial. 

  • I'll add it to the wish list. Hopefully it's a relatively easy enhancement, because it's a biggie for a lot of workflows.

    Even better would be handling Red footage elegantly; every clip whether it's recorded in raw, ProRes, or DNxHR live in their own folder, and they'll have  the LUT built on camera saved with them. Ideal would be for the NLE of choice to handle the folders as clips (as Resolve does with Redcode clips), load the clips (and assemble the into one if it's segmented -- the camera file system is limited to 4GB chunks) and apply the LUT from the folder.


  • That is a recent change to 2017. You can create a preset from the NLE timeline in Express 4 and I presume Pro 4. In fact as I remember if you created a preset in the comp timeline you could not use that preset on the NLE timeline. It was "layer only", even if you did not use any comp timeline specific items. Therefore if you wanted to use a preset on the NLE timeline you had to create the preset from the NLE timeline.

    I just tried this in 2017. If you create a preset on the comp timeline it cannot be used on the NLE timeline. In it layer only. This is a feature/ability that has been removed from the product Pro 2017.

    The presets are easy to edit and change such that they can be used on the NLE timeline. I once did that on this forum for someone who posted some grading presets that could only be used on the comp timeline. I once suggested that if a preset is created that does not use any layer features, that it be saved in such a format that it can be used on the NLE timeline.

  • @WhiteCranePhoto @Triem23 @NormanPCN Not being able to create presets from the editor sequence was a bug in Pro 2017 and has been fixed for update 3.

    I have logged the other two things mentioned for us to look at in the future:

    • Effect Presets created on the comp are marked as layer only regardless of using layer only effects
    • LUT browser should remember the last location

    Thanks for your feedback!

  • @CedricBonnier Good to know...

  • Cool!

    I did discover that each instance of the LUT effect remembers its last location. If you're cycling through a set of LUTs to find the best one it works ok, but every time you add a new LUT effect, you have to browse to the location again.

    Being able to organize clips into groups would be a big help also for color grading.

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