How to make editing easier?

Hey there.
I make gaming video's with HitFilm 4 Express, and most of the time it has the same order of footage/editing:

intro - footage(introtalk) - footage(gameplay) - footage(outrotalk) - outro.

And then some effects in between the footages (fade out/in for example).

My question is: Is there anyway for me to make this video-making process easier? Is there a way so that I don't have to repeat the same stuff each time and I can just put in the new footage only?

I would really appreciate it if you guys could help me with this.



  • Yes, basically you move everything into composite shots. So you make a Composite Shot for each segment and for your footage, just guess for now. Make the Comp Shots a minute for now. Put intro and outro in their own Composite Shots. 

    Assemble these on an editor timeline with transitions and save as "Show Template" or something. 

    Basically you load this template. IMMEDIATELY SAVE AS "Episode >Title<" now, load your introtalk into its comp, etc. Set length of Composite Shots to needed length for the real footage. Then use the Ripple Edit tool in the Editor Timeline to resize the Composite Blocks. Should go much faster. 


  • @Triem23
    I don't know how to reply to a person on here, but,
    Thank you so much! This will definitelly help me!


  • That was it. You're welcome! :-) 

  • Also, if your intro and outpost are complicated and slow rendering, you could  render them once and use the footage over again in each production. You will sacrifice a little quality and have the output anti-aliased twice; but, I have used this technique myself.

  • Or....proxy them, when they'll just be a single layer and not lose any quality from exporting and reimporting. :)

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