Auto Volumetrics and visible light beams

I have been working on a different model of the Seaview submarine that I had animated before, and I finally figured out that trick to show the lights on a separate model with all the textures I didn't want to emit light set at 0 opacity and I added three versions for the the three different areas of lights so I could make them different and applied a Auto Volumetric to each.  Playing with the settings I got the front beam angled down to the sea floor, the underneath spot straight down and the red sensor light on the tail pointing aft, but when I try to animate the sub moving the beams all swivel with the movement??  I am not grasping something about how this effect works.  I've tried linking the layers to different light sources but it still doesn't help.  Does anyone have a clue what I am messing up here, or is there another way to so visible light beams from light source materials that I have not discovered yet?  Thanks for all suggestions.


Here's a quick snippet of what I am meaning here:


  • I believe both Light Rays and Auto Volumetrics are designed to simulate light emanating from the origin point towards the camera, so it's not going to form a super-controlable Searchlight beam unless you animate/offset/cheat the origin to keep the beam where you want it. Probably my keeping the origin well above Seaview. 

    The animation looks cool--like Seaview is sweeping the deck, looking for something, but that's not the desired look. 

    Maybe create a plane with a white-to-transparent radial gradient, move the anchor point to thecenter of the gradient and use a triangular mask to cut the correct beam shape. Parent to sub. Maybe set spotlights to "Align to Camera?" 

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    @Triem23  D'oh!  I forgot I read about using a white plane for light flares in another thread somewhere here.  Right after I posted it dawned on me that it might be taking the light streaks from the two lights I have in the scene and since they aren't moving with the sub that might change their appearance.  But I hadn't yet tried animating them to moving with the sub to see if it made a difference.  I like the plane idea better, I think, so I'll give that a go.  Thanks for the direction, and oh, can't wait to watch you new HF Uni tutorial that posted.

    Follow up:  I tried locking the lights to the model and it changed nothing.  When I set light source for those lights the volumetrics disappeared completely, so I really don't grasp the concept there.  Going to try Triem's method to see if I can get that.

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