Water Splash

Any ideas on how to do this? A splash from a car wheel going through a puddle of water. I know this must be a complex thing to do (and especially to answer in a post), but just the bare basics. I've watched some stuff on YT for Ae, but nothing for HF.



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    I'd probably look for stock footage. Water in a particle sim is tough. 

    There are some good Ae/particular tutorials on water looks that pretty much directly translate to Hitfilm (except in Hitfilm one would use Chromenator or Caustics instead of CC Glass). 

    While not specifically on water this inScape Digital tutorial has a couple of hints for doing watery looks. 


  • Honest to god, attempting something like that with the particle sim in HF would be a huge chore (and about every other pro package).  My advice would be to shoot the "real thing" on camera and then comp that into the shot.

    You could set up a stage rig where you have a wide pan of water, well lit (you'll need some backlight), with a black background and then shoot dropping objects into the pan (a bicycle tire, an auto tire, toy tire, whatever).   Then bring that into HF, crop if needed and comp into the shot.  That technique is ultimately faster and you can get a variety of footage from different angles in real time.

    The particle sim is awesome, but without fluid dynamics software you'd be hard pressed to make a go of it.  And even then the real thing is always better.

  • I totally agree with both of you. That's exactly what I thought: Too hard to get right with particles and better to shoot directly and comp. I'm a total particle noob so I don't know yet what's feasible or not. I thought about stock footage too but what I've seen so far looks more like water falling from the air or twisting in the air. I'll try shooting my own splashes. Maybe using a spatula and dragging it across the water will do. 

    Thanks guys.

  • I've seen some splash footage of ok quality... 

    Actually, I HAVE seen some very good particle splash tutorials. A splash is short enough to be relatively convincing, but, as Particular tutorials you have to be quite familiar with both Particular and Hitfilm to translate them. 

    These tutorials did use images of actual water as textures. 

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