Expand mask edge?

I've created a mask in Mocha, but now I want to expand the edge all around. Is there an effect that allows me to do this? Or is there a way to do that in Mocha without creating keyframes?

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  • I'm not certain about Mocha:s controls and am not on my computer to check, so I'm working from memory here. 

    In the layer stack/Controls Panel  in Hitfilm, twirl open the Mask controls. There should be a control for mask expansion. Failing that, there should be controls for mask scale--increase above 100%. You may have to twirl open a few levels to find them. Scale is in a Transform group buried in mask properties. 

    Another option is to plop the mask on a white plane, add a Neon Glow effect and adjust that to a tight glow, make this an embedded composite shot and use it as a Set Matte source. 

  • @Triem23
    I posted the same question on the Mocha forums and found the solution, which I can pass on to others here.

    Along the timeline of Mocha, at the far right, you see an "A" button and a "U" button. By default, "A" is selected because it insures that changes you make on your masks are automatically keyframed. The "U" button allows you to make changes to your mask that propagates across the whole shot. This is what I was referring to in my feature request for Mask about the "ripple" tool. Which is what Nuke calls its tool that allows you to make changes to your animations that "ripple" across the entire shot.

    So, in Mocha, with "U" button selected, I expanded the mask and the change was shared across the rest of the shot. This would be a great feature in Hitfilm when doing rotoscoping of any kind.

  • Ah, the good ol' Uberkey. 

  • @Triem23 Wouldn't it be great if Hitfilm had an Uber key?

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