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I animated a mask for a 15 second shot. After completing the animation of the mask, I went back and scrubbed through the shot to make sure everything was ok. But, I came across a portion of the shot where the same mask points had the right side of their mask handles suddenly appear to have stretched out further than they were animated, as well as their position changing.

I've attached a screenshot with the points that had the problems. I went frame by frame through that same section, and there was no time when the handles of those points would've required the handles to be in the position they are now in.

While I worked on the mask, I made a point of scrubbing back and forth to make sure the mask was animating as I needed. Thoughts?

Mask Problems


  • I ended up taking it into Mocha and tracking the object, then linking a mask to the track and adjusting the points. I ended up with great mask.

    Although when I imported the mask from Mocha, it used a blue plane to apply the mask to.  So, I ended up copy/pasting the mask - which included the tracking keyframes - onto a duplicate of the footage layer.

  • In Pro 2017 you don't have to export a composite shot of your tracking masks and then import those input Hitfilm. Just twirl open the "matte" property in mocha Hitfilm effects and click apply matte property. Viola your mask is there. Done.

    Since mocha it used as a plug-in mocha cannot reference a media file in the shape data. mocha is just passed frames from Hitfilm. So in the new mocha plug-in, you just get the blue plane as a placeholder for the mask data when you save the shape data composite from mocha.

  • @NormanPCN Thanks! I didn't know that. 

  • @ToddGroves Also, your project is saved in the effect instance. So if you want to tweak your mask/roto you just open then mocha UI again and it is all there. You no longer need to save separate external mocha project files.

  • @NormanPCN ;


    I think it would be a good idea that when the interface/workflow for a tool is changed, it would be helpful to see a new tutorial on the interface and workflow changes. 

    It is quite a change from exporting a composite shot from mocha to simply checking the "Apply" box in the effects controls in Hitfilm. It's a great improvement that speeds up production. 

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