gaming montage tips


i want to make a gaming [ league of legends ] montage

and i looking for advice about transitions

which one should i use the most, normal cut turn out be ugly. 


  • Rocket Jump and I think Film riot both covered cuts (J and L) and how they are used. Youtube has a tone of info on cutting. Cuts need to make sense or as you put it they turn out ugly. Cut on some thing, like movement to another area, player action, death of a player or npc. Give the cut meaning. Also consder the cut type, Straight cut, or blended, is this about GET IT DONE Cutting or EASY AS SHE GOES cutting. (no idea what that means just made it up!). Good luck, practice makes perfect.

  • If you're talking about transition effects, more or less stick with dissolves or additive dissolves or light leaks. Almost anything else looks cheesy and dated. Light leaks will look cheesy and dated in the next five years.

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