Hitfilm University (Merry VFX-MAS! Dec 24, 2018)

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Welcome to "Hit-U."

There are many excellent tutorials for Hitfilm online from FxHome, and other Hitfilm users on this very forum, but the goal of Hitfilm University is to provide the most detailed, thorough tutorials available*. We'll also upload some templates and presets to the Hitfilm Digital Marketplace.

(*or to reduce the amount of redundant typing of repeated questions to pasting the relevant tutorial link)

And we'll get new content up every Friday. week.

NEW TUTORIAL: Understanding Hitfilm's Interface

Get started learning Hitfilm with a comprehensive tour of the Hitfilm interface. Recorded in Hitfilm 2017, the information in this tutorial applies to Hitfilm 3 and 4, Pro and Express.

00:00 - Intro
00:30 - Home Screen
00:55 - Project Settings Screen
03:50 - File menu
04:15 - Options, General
06:20 - Options, Prompts and Warnings
06:30 - Options, Cache
06:50 - Options, Proxies
07:30 - Options, Autosave
08:15 - Options, Keyboard Shortcuts
09:00 - Options, Activations
09:40 - Workspace Panel
10:10 - Customizing the Panel Layout
11:05 - The Media Panel
14:10 - The Trimmer Panel
14:50 - The Effects Panel
16:25 - Editor Timeline Panel
18:35 - Composite Shot Timeline Panel
20:55 - Controls Panel
22:50 - Viewer Panel
25: 45 - Text Panel
26:15 - Lifetime Panel (Pro Only)
26:30 - Tracker Panel
26:50 - Layer Panel
27:40 - Audio Mixer/Meters Panels
28:40 - Processor Panel


And check out some template mini-tutorials:

Photon Torpedos


Lower Thirds - "Grid"


 Lower Third - "Scopes"


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    Yeremyah is making noise in the background  jumping up and down clapping his hands. lol

  • @Triem23 I already have subscribed...I really hope that there will be really good mocha hitfilm tutorials in the future.  I'm really excited to see what your plans are for this youtube channel.

    Best wishes,


  • @Andersen01498 Mocha is planned, but this is actually a planned class, and mocha comes after all the essentials. It's in there, just not for a while.

  • @Triem23  Great stuff!  Thanks for all that you and the other "Pros" do help me and others along.

  • @Triem23 ; Awesome!

  • I was your 2nd and 3rd subscribers. :) That way, regardless of which one of my youtube channels I am on, I will get notified. On a side note, I watched the Interface video, but I am going to watch it again... this time with a notepad and pen!

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    I have never known about the Video and Audio track resize options


  • Heres good luck to you.

    I just launched a channel after being a youtube member since 2005, yeah yeah took a while to be ar~ed and to tell you the truth HFx4 got me started. HFP2017 now too!

    PS. Can I suggest you change 2/3 to Feb/3 please as we English do DD/MM/YY. As a rule I try and put 3/Feb/17 if its not a sort field.

  • Thanks everyone! 

    @iDatus I'm American and we do MM/DD/YY. Also, for file organization, I do YY/MM/DD, but I'll meet you halfway and use month abbreviations instead of numbers. That should be clear for everyone. :-) 

  • @Triem23 Nice one. (Yep American is clear from the format you used).

    PS: Love your work and keep it up, learning a lot from it, plus the other usual posters.

  • O boy someone is going to be a busy boy. Good luck, sub and notifying turned on.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
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    Tutorial Preview: How to Import and Export EVERYTHING in Hitfilm.

    Releasing Feb 10, 2017

    Special thanks to @AxelWilkenson, @Spydurhank, @Aladdin4d and @NormanPCN

    Import and Export? How complicated can that be?

    00:00 - Introduction and overview
    01:38 - Import Audio, Video and Graphic/Photo Media
    05:40 - Import Image Sequences
    07:40 - Import 3D Camera Solves
    09:00 - Import Composite Shots
    10:20 - Import 3D Models
    11:00 - Import Alembic/FBX
    12:35 - HF 2-4 Export Screen Overview
    13:20 - HF 2-4 Export Common Controls
    14:40 - HF 2-4 Youtube Export Settings
    16:50 - HF 2-4 Mp4 Export Settings
    21:50 - HF 2-4 AVI Export Settings
    24:00 - HF 2-4 Quicktime Export Settings
    25:20 - HF 2-4 Image Sequence Export Settings
    27:15 - HF 3-4 Pro Open EXR Export Settings
    28:20 - HF 2017 Export Queue Overview
    31:05 - HF 2017 Managing Export Queue Presets
    32:25 - HF 2017 Mp4 Export Settings
    33:40 - HF 2017 AVI/Cineform Export Setting
    34:35 - HF 2017 Quicktime Export Settings
    35:00 - Export Effects Presets
    36:35 - Import Effects Presets
    37:05 - Exporting Composite Shots
    38:02 - Working With "Template Files"

    I guess it's that complicated?

  • Wow that's got it covered. Will u cover Pro and cons of export options? And may be give some best options.

  • @Andy001z not formally (That's intended as a later tutorial), but I touched briefly on a few things in passing. Re-rendering right now. Caught a few errors to squish. Kind of annoyed I left in one glimpse of my screencap interface and two flubbed lines last week...

  • Proof watching must be as tricky as proof reading your own work.

  • Watch it backwards. It's what you're supposed to do when proof reading. ;) Catches things like: "The rain in Spain falls mainly on the
    the plain."

  • @Triem23 OMG thank you for your new channel, I'm so excited to learn new things!!! 

  • Holy crap! That's ambitious.

  • @Stargazer54 Ambitious? It's done, uploaded and just waiting for me to take it off "Private." ;-) But Friday is my chosen publishing day. :-)

    Unlike last week I actually got in a proof-listen, and, well, I cut off a "T" at the end of one word which doesn't bother me enough to deal with another render. ;-)

    Fun trivia--you can count every time I was interrupted by my lovely wife, or one of the fuzzy bastard cats by the visible desktop clock in the lower right hand corner. In terms of  "real time," over four hours elapsed during recording to generate 95 minutes of screen recording edited into a 40 minute tutorial.

    Grab your notepads, guys, or use your YouTube downloader of choice. After listening to it, it's a very information dense tutorial and there's a lot of miscellaneous tips in there. Those of you've been around for awhile are going to see that I hit SO DAMN MANY of the commonly asked and re-asked questions...

    @Hitfilm Sensei I know you've said you don't like plugging you own videos that much? I really don't either--self promotion sucks--but I know in the future a lot of newer user questions are going to be answered with "Here, watch this at time >x<, then watch the rest. :-)"

    I'll be counting on you wonderful people for feedback if there's anything I can do to refine the style--too fast, too slow, hate the music, maybe break things up into smaller videos*... I think this one has a better flow than the previous one. It's a tighter outline, and I'm finally over than damn cold.

    *I'd resist breaking things into smaller videos. A) I'd have to record a lot more intro/outro stuff, B) I think that having to say "Watch part 2, 3, and 4" would break up the flow of data.

  • @Triem23 Wow! Glad you're in the can then.  Just hope there's a payday in there somewhere.

  • @Triem23 does hitfilm pro 2017 have h264  export 


  • @Stargazer meh--if I get lucky I'll attract enough views to get a few hundred out of Youtube here and there. ;-) never enough to pay myself my usual rate. S'not why I'm doing it. :-)

    @Andersen01498 at 32:25 - HF 2017 Mp4 Export Settings...

  • @Triem23 here in the UK it's Friday already... does that mean we get to see the next tutorial early?

    I admire your dedication, to create such a complete and thorough series of tutorials. But I must admit, some part of me suspects that this project of yours may turn out to be like painting the Forth Bridge...

  • @JMcAllister Yeah, well... Here's hoping that HF 2018 doesn't make TOO much of this series obsolete. FxHome's done that to me before ;-) In fact, I almost did the Import/Export tutorial three weeks ago, but ended up doing the Scopes tutorials for FxHome instead! Good thing, since Update #2 dropped in the meantime and added some major new functionality to the Export Queue!

    I've planned many a tutorial, and I have a folder full of the aborted ones--I had a workaround for getting 3D models to work as particle textures in HF2U--and frickin HF3P came out and allowed 3D models as particle textures! I was in the finishing stages of a 3D models tutorial for HF3P and lo and behold, HF4P added a whole new PBR shader model!

    With the current series, I don't expect fundamental changes to the interface, and i don't expect fundamental changes to import/export in HF 2018. If they add more codecs (for example), then that becomes the 2018 addendum.

  • I personally think that last week's video flowed very well. It wasn't too fast to cause me to have to stop and back up, but it wasn't too slow where I found myself looking at the time left bar. I also think it is a good idea to have a single video to point to for usually asked questions. A person watches the part that answers their question and then they think, hmmm. maybe I should watch the whole thing. It's sort of like taking a class on Hitfilm, except the lecture has been prerecorded. Taking notes while watching is definitely the best way to go. I look forward to tomorrow's video!

  • @Triem23 When you talk about HF 2018, do you mean that it will be coming out soon? This year?

  • @Andersen01498 FxHome has publicly stated they are on a one year development cycle. HF3 came out in Nov, 2014. HF4 came out in Nov, 2015. Hitfilm 2017 came out in Nov. 2016. It's a high probability Hitfilm 2018 will be out in Nov. FxHome may always change their release cycle (HF2 to HF3 was two years), but it's a good bet. 

    Express 3, and 4 both released about 6 months after their respective Pros. 

    To clarify, Mods do not work for FxHome. We're users who volunteer whatever time we spend on the forums. I have no inside information on product development or release cycles, and any projections I (we)  make are educated guesses, at best. 

  • @Triem23  I'm fairly new to the Hitfilm universe,  I started out on Hitfilm pro  and then I upgraded to Hitfilm 2017,  My question is,  is it worth upgrading every year?

  • @Andersen01498 depends on the user and what they do. You don't have to upgrade every year, and FxHome always offers discounted upgrades to owners of previous versions. Pro 2017 was an overall great upgrade for everyone. HF4 was a great upgrade for 3D guys, less so for mograph. The Let's Play/game vid/vlogger crowd is probably always fine on Express. We'll have to wait and see what the next major revision holds. 

  • @Triem23 I am currently an animation student and hitfilm 2017 has been great for my 2d animations especially when adding camera movement


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