Color matching in Hitfilm

Are there any tutorials on color matching between shots in Hitfilm?

Thanks in advance.


  •  Not offhand, but this Photoshop tutorial will do. 

    Curves in absolutely every program that has them operate exactly the same way in every program. Curves are the single most powerful and versatile color correction/grading tool around. 

    Watch things like Film Riot or VideoCopilot amd you'll see Curves is almost always the go to tool for any corrections or grades they do.

  •  +1 for Curves.  (nice tutorial, btw)

  • @Triem23 Thanks for the video!

    There is this one tutorial in the Hitfilm library that I just remembered covers color matching in respects to matching greenscreen layers to background layers. "How to Green Screen: 5 realistic compositing tips."

  • After discovering the "Grading Transfer" effect, and experimenting with it, I realize I may have found my answer. The default settings, when applied, may seem extreme at first. But, with adjustments, it could be quite an effective tool for matching CG elements to background footage. I'll experiment with it more, and share my experiences. 

  • @ToddGroves You beat me to it! Grade Transfer can be very effective but you'll probably find times where no matter what you do it's still too extreme or you just can;t quite get what you want. In those cases it's Curves or Curves with Grade Transfer

  • Ah, I was thinking of Grading Transfer but didn't think that was in Hitfilm 4 Express, so i didn't want to risk recommending an effect you might not have.

    Grading Transfer will usually get you 80% of the way there, with Curves or other tools getting you the rest of the way.

    One thing about Grading Transfer--it works based on the "Current Frame" of the "Source Layer" video. So if the colors change in your source layer--say it's footage of a police car running sirens--then the grading being transferred will "flicker." I've found it's best to pick a still frame as the Grading Transfer source.

  • When you select a single frame it slooooows down quite a bit, like it keeps seeking to that frame to do the comparison rather than storing it in a cache somewhere. (I'm hypothesizing wildly, but it is a lot slower) ;)

  • To clarify--pick your frame, save it as a PNG, reload it. Make it a graphic image.

  • @Palacono "like it keeps seeking to that frame to do the comparison rather than storing it in a cache somewhere"

    Yup. It's the Hitfilm way. Not as bad with I-frame codecs, for a couple of reasons. It also happens with the auto contrast, levels and such effects.


  • Ah yes, those too. I remember now. :) The only time when it is appropriate to let it save out a blurry .PNG of something to compare to.

  • @Triem23
    Thanks for the clarification of rendering a single frame to use for the Grading Transfer. Good to remember.

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