Moving clips around in the editing timeline.


So I've looked in the manual and I can't seem to find what I'm looking for.  Is there a way to move clips around in the editing timeline (or composting timeline for that matter) one frame at a time using a keyboard shortcut?  That sort of precision tool is very useful, especially when trying to sync for sound.  Thank you.


  • There is no keyboard control for edit functions like moving and trimming of clips. It is all mouse based in Hitfilm. Zoom the timeline in so you can get frame accurate movement and then zoom back out.

  • That's a bummer.  Guess I'll head over to the suggestion discussion.  Thanks.

  • Yes, an Alt+left or right arrow to move selected clip on frame would be invaluable. I used this all the time in Prem pro to fine tune audio files, such as sound effects for weapons. Sometimes a frame either way can make all the difference.

  • @adamraitano I like this suggestion, I'll add it to the internal list of features :)

  • WooHoo!  I come from the audio world and having that as a feature saves an incredible amount of headache, trying to line up that kick/bass hit just right.

  • It's a feature I use quite a bit in other NLEs also, so it will be welcome in HitFilm! Right along with being able to import my raw footage directly into HitFilm without having to transcode it to Cineform or ProRes first...  especially since I can't really color grade in HitFilm until then. I end up doing most of the color grading in RedCine instead of in HitFilm, which isn't too bad since the Helium color is so beautiful, but at the same time, RedCine doesn't have anywhere near as much by way of style options and control as HitFilm or Resolve or Scratch...

  • I'd also like this feature - being able to move clips around 1 frame at a time (as well as a 'fast' way by using the same keystroke + SHIFT (say) )is incredible useful.  I dont seem to be able to get frame precision with my mouse as it jumps around 3 or 4 frames at a time.

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