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  • Potential work around for seeing an audio waveform in a composite shot

    I'll probably come back to this later to redo the project in Express and explain all the FFMpeg options but here's the FFMpeg command I used to make the waveform image.

    ffmpeg -i input.wav -filter_complex [0:a]aformat=channel_layouts=mono,compand=gain=-6,showwavespic=s=1280x120:colors=#9cf42f[fg];color=s=1280x120:color=#44582c,drawgrid=width=iw/10:height=ih/5:color=#9cf42f@0.1[bg];[bg][fg]overlay=format=rgb,drawbox=x=(iw-w)/2:y=(ih-h)/2:w=iw:h=1:color=#9cf42f -vframes 1 waveform.png

    And a HitFilm 3 Pro project

  • It lives!

    Asrock X370 Taichi

    Ryzen 7 1700X

    Radeon Vega 64 8GB

    32 GB RAM

    Samsung 960 PCIe 3.0 x4 1TB SSD

    2 x Samsung 850 Evo 500 GB SSD


  • Darn, I thought this thread was going to be about me. 

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