Working on Composite Shot while viewing Final Composite

I have a shot where I need to color correct different areas of each element/layer with multiple masks. I made one layer a Composite Shot so I can add Grade layers and roto for each part of the layer I need to CC. But, in order to Color Correct the layer to match the shot, I need to see the Final Composite while tweaking the settings.

Is there a way to view the Final Composite while working with the effects settings of a Composite Shot? I need to do this without an additional monitor.

Thanks in advance.


  • Maybe if I could lock the Controls panel after selecting the effect, and switch to Final Comp view so I could tweak the settings while looking at the Final Comp? A possible feature request if not available.

  • Maybe no one understands what you're talking about. I'll admit I'm confused. Maybe some screen shots or video of what you mean? :)

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    @Palacono I understand what he wants. Hitfilm can't currently do it. 

    What Todd wants is a secondary viewer panel (or viewer mode) where you can tell the viewer to show Composite Shot A while editing Composite shot B to watch the changes in B propagate to A.

    It's not a trivial addition. 

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    Ah, OK. Gotcha. Would integration with Sony Vegas/Movie Studio/Magix do something similar? If you did periodic saves as you went and you put the 'other'  composite in the Editor, that would show up in the Vegas/Magix etc. display which you could have running on a separate monitor.  Bit unwieldy though: Make change, CTRL-S. Refresh. Repeat.

    Or maybe using two versions of Hitfilm? I know you can run HF2 alongside other versions without them complaining. Periodically save out from one, reload in the other. Does limit you somewhat though, not least because you'd have to create your project in HF2, as you can only load earlier projects into more recent versions of Hitfilm and not vice versa, and you'd need a time machine to get a  licence for it.

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    How about saving a frame and viewing it in a photoshop window  or your picture editor of choice?

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    @Palacono waiting for Vegas to rebuild it's spaf0 proxy would be pretty slow. @CowboyBob that's not the real time feedback @ToddGroves is hoping for.

    I can see why Todd wants this function (and it is something Ae has). I merely state that it's not a trivial thing to add. Ae has it's custom Mercury engine where Hitfilm is using OpenGL. I'm not a coder so I can't predict how this would effect performance, but I can guess that it would basically require opening another render thread to update both Composites at the same time and that would have a very real slowdown.

    But Todd's already made the Wishlist request, so the best thing for those who agree with the idea to do is go "+1" in the wishlist and let the devs start counting up the votes. :-)

  • Oh, I see now... view effect of changing A on composite B...... Just ignore me....

  • Thanks, everyone. Crossing fingers for those votes. :)

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