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So I just got Hitfilm 4 Express on my Mac. reason I'm just getting it now was because this was a problem before so I just left it. 

So the problem is basically the viewer window is zoomed in on the bottom left! I hit scale to fit and I make sure the clips controls are centered and nothing (I'd upload a screenshot but IDK how to insert a picture onto this so I'll explain the best I can) I think what's happening is say you cut a rectangle into some paper than you took a picture and wanted to put it under the paper but its too big to see the whole thing. I think thats what it is doing because if I try to center it with the mouse and render it than its all messed up in the render.

its like even the checkered back round is zoomed in! does anybody know a fix for this and also if you show me how to upload a screenshot in here I will. I just can't figure it out i click the photo button yeah thats the end of where I can understand whats going on! 



  • This forum doesn't support direct image uploading. If you upload to a photo hosting site a direct image link will work.

    What's your screen resolution? I am going to guess 1368x768, or so.

    Lower right of the viewer window is a zoom control. Try looking there for a scale to fit zoom level. 

  • alright here's a link to the photo!

    My monitor I'm viewing it on is 1920 x 1080

    Note when I went into the project to check the settings I got this message.

    Your available screen resolution is smaller than the minimum requirements for this application.
    Please ensure that your available screen space is at least 1024 x 728.Your current available screen space is: 1280 x 724.


    Note: Hiding the dock will increase the available screen resolution.


    Using HitFilm with this resolution might not work as intended.

  • Also I already tried scale to fit it just zooms into the bottom left of my video!

  • also in the photo notice how that blue square is also larger thats why I think its actually doing its job behind the scenes its just not showing it to me right. 

  • What's the scaling factor of your monitor? That sounds like your monitor scaling is at 150%...

  • Not sure what a scaling factor is!

  •  I think this screenshot will better explain the problem! See the checkered background? It's like even that's zoomed in!

  • I took that screenshot on my Macbook screen btw if it seems different!

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
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    Ok, a Scaling Factor is telling the monitor to adjust the size it displays everything. For example, you'll often see laptop owners with a 4K screen (which is utterly stupid on a laptop). Because they have a stupid 4K display on a tiny 15" or 17" monitor, everything on the screen is too small. So they set a monitor scaling factor to 200%. This makes everything twice as big, and, effectively turns a 4K monitor into a 1080p monitor while using extra processing power to have to scale things--because UHD (4K) resolution is twice the resolution of 1080p.

    Now... If your 1920x1080 monitor has a scaling factor set to 150%, you've just told your machine to behave as if it's a 1280x720 monitor, and you say Hitfilm is telling you this:

    "Your available screen resolution is smaller than the minimum requirements for this application.
    Please ensure that your available screen space is at least 1024 x 728.Your current available screen space is: 1280 x 724.

    Note: Hiding the dock will increase the available screen resolution."

    Furthermore, Hitfilm is telling you

     "Using HitFilm with this resolution might not work as intended."
    And, sure enough, you're having display issues.

    This strongly indicates that you have your monitor scaling set to a value greater than 100%

    I'm PC, not MAC, so I have no idea how to check or adjust the scaling factor of your monitor. I'll tag @AxelWilkenson since I know he's a Mac user, and he should be able to help you.

    If you can list which version of iOS you're running, that would help him out, but there's nothing else I can do to advise you in this situation, other than to provide this link to how to change monitor scaling setting in El Capitan.

  • Ok thanks! I'm running macOS Sierra 10.121! I looked into settings and it said everything was set to default for both the displays. Hitfilm 3 also runs perfectly fine with these settings its just 4! 

  • Ok so I just got it to work kind of. I pulled my HDMI loaded Hitfilm 4 it gave me that message and I proceeded so yeah it works alone on my Macbook but when I put it on my display its all messed up again. So I still want to try to figure out the problem because editing on a tiny 13inch screen would drive me insane! lol 

  • Ok. Hmmmmm. Well, hopefully Axel, or another Mac user will have further insights. :-)

  • Alright thanks man!

  • Back in June @CedricBonnier said this was a bug in HitFilm 4 related to scaling. It didn't happen with HitFilm 3 because that version didn't support high DPI displays. Copying and pasting form this thread:

    Hi @GotThat @fredericbaylefreefr, I'm sorry you are experiencing issues with the software. This is indeed a bug in HitFilm 4 (Pro and Express), HitFilm 3 won't be affected by it as it doesn't support retina/HighDPI screens. It occurs because HitFilm is using the highest scaling factor of all your connected screens.

    I have just tried plugging several external monitors on a MacBook Pro and to be able to use HitFilm 4 on the external screen, you need to have a retina screen (I used a 4k monitor) and have matching scaling factors for both screens.

    If you plug a non-HighDPI screen (I used a 24" 1920x1080), you need to use HitFilm on the MacBook screen. You may be able to float panels and put them on your external screen but to work properly, the viewer panel has to be on the MacBook screen.

    These issues are in our internal bug tracker so hopefully we will be able to have a look at improving the HighDPI support in HitFilm soon.

  • Ah shit so no fix then? Oh well I'll just stick to Hitfilm 3 for now in that case thanks for linking the discussion! 

  • Just to add on a bit to this discussion:

    Windows 10/Hitfilm Pro, dual monitor mode/3440x1440, 2560x1440 displays/AMD Radeon R9 390

    The OP said that the render was "messed up". For me, everything was fine in the viewer, but the render was indeed a mess. Without killing you all with detail, the project was 1920 x 1080. I had GoPro footage (mp4)at 2704 x 1520, and Canon DSLR footage(.MOV) at 1280 x 720, and a 3D keyframed text composite at the project resolution. The video footages were scaled to the project window/resolution, and all played just fine in the viewer. Upon render (Vimeo HD preset), the GoPro footage played in the upper right corner (only the lower left corner of the footage was visible), the Canon footage played in the lower left corner (also cropped to the upper right of the footage), and the composite happily moved and filled the frame as it should.

    I finally ran both footages through Handbrake, making the GoPro 1920 x 1080 and for whatever reason, the Canon footage came out at 1124 x 720. Both were relinked, scaled to the project window, and then I had a successful render. 

    Here's hoping this gives some help to the issue.

  • If you have multiple displays connected, and one is a Retina display and the other is not, that configuration is not supported by HitFilm. Setting the laptop screen to 1920x1080 resolution, then running HitFilm, may allow it to display properly on the external monitor. As long as both monitors use the same scaling factor, it should work.

  • Ktrails thanks for the advice 

    and AxelWilkinson that sounds like the issue! I have 2 displays 1 is just some HD display no idea what the height and widthe is but its definitely a lot lower res than my Macbook Pro's Retina! Hitfilm 4 does work when its just on the Macbook without a screen connected however its really hard to edit on that tiny tiny screen! Hitfilm 3 Express works just fine with both monitors I can even switch from top to bottom no problem!!

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