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I am new to this and thanks to all you people, I am on my way to edit my video. 

However, I need to save the video in ???? format so I can transfer it to a memory stick to take to Australia to show at a wedding. (It is a video of the brides Dad in England who cannot travel to Australia for health reasons and they want to show it on a tv at the wedding.

Is this possible???, If so, please advise how in simple terms.  Thank you


  • Save to mp4.  That's a pretty common format.  Chances are the TV at the other end can play it providing you have a USB input on the TV and it has the smarts to see the USB.

    I would try it out first on a similar TV at home before traveling.  Also, as a fallback, upload to YouTube, as well.  That way you can still play it on a tablet with an internet connection.

  • Also, to clarify a critical point, Saving in HitFilm creates a .hfp project file that only HitFilm can read, and which contains all of the edit decisions, effects, and settings used in your project.

    To create a new video rendered using all of those edit decisions, effects and settings, you need to Export, though the Export screen.

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