Any Blender Aces out there that can answer a question or two?

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I have exhausted my capabilities in Blender trying to follow this tutorial on creating asteroids. He used an older version  then I have and the materials section is laid out differently and I just cant' make sense of it. I have put a folder up on my Googledrive with one of my asteroids and the texture file I'm trying to put on it. If someone knows what I doing wrong please let me know. I downloaded the tutorial video and a copy of the finished blend he linked up to on BlenderGuru thinking I could find out my mistake there, but it comes up with the render section only at the side and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the material and texture setting to show. That folder is inside the one with my asteroid and texture. I go wrong with the Tut around 3:55 marker.

If anyone can point me in the right direction here I would deeply appreciate it.



  • Have you seen this?  Planets, but can be modified for asteroids?

  • In your blend-file I see you are using the cycles render-engine while in the tutorial the blender-internal render engine was used. The easiest thing to do would be to change the render engine. Look at the top and click the dropdown-menue where it says "Cycles Render" and change it to "Blender Render". Than all the material properties should be the same or at least way closer. For further information about the cycles rendering engine, I believe Blenderguru like many others also as a tutorial for that.

  • @joristenfilm  Thank you so much!  That was where I went wrong and I hadn't even noticed it; in fact I don't even know when I put it into cycles.    Now I can finish this project...I hope.  

    @Yeremyah  I have not seen that one yet and will be sure to check it out because it looks cool and useful.

  • @tddavis Awesome :)

    I did that one myself.

  • Ok, I have a question not Blender related but same project so I'm adding it here.  I have my asteroid field rendered now and compositing in Hitfilm instead of Blender like the tutorial did tio take advantage of the environment map for the space stuff.  I am trying to create a faint glowy cloud in the distance and have tried several presets (i.e. fluffy cloud , Rolling smoke etc) that gave me the look I wanted with tweaking, but I cannot find out how to make them static over the clip; they all want to move around. Does anyone know if this is possible to do?  Here's a scene cap of the effect I'm trying for using a space image as background.


    I'll appreciate any and all suggestions.

  • @tddavis you could add the speed effect to the layer with your cloud, and set the speed to 0

    Alternatively, get your cloud looking the way you want it, then turn off all other layers and export a single frame as an image, then import that image and use that instead

  • @JMcAllister  Oh my god!  Thank you so much!!! That first suggestion is exactly what I have been looking for.  I never realized that effect was there or could even be used on top a preset effect.  It worked perfectly.

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