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  • Awesome!! Except now I'm craving bratwurst and beer

  • Aladdin4d - Oh great- now I am too! heh-heh

  • Heh, fun music indeed! Oktoberfest isn't too far off now :D

    And oh dear, Triem took the words right out of my mouth - that navigation console IS a beauty. I also like how you integrated some controls of slightly different color in there, without breaking the overall look. Amazing, all those interfaces you're designing will look faboulus together!

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    Robin - I sure hope they do. I hope to run a few tests on Sunday to see how practical they will be to "work with" i.e. can I pull the concept off without too many adjustments for masking or other unforeseen anomalies.

    I was actually thinking, with the music, since it was a navigation console I'd use "Blow the Man Down"- a sea faring song in honor of navigators of old but the rendition is reminiscent of Oktoberfest!


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    This was last year's Snowdance opening video. And no, not everyone in the cast has the middle initial of 'J.'.  If I had known then what I know now the skitching would have turned out a lot better but the director thought the constant change in size and angle was funny- I was trying to be more accurate but didn't quite get it at the time. That's the real Mayor of Racine at 3:07 - he's on the left. He's a long time friend (since grade school) of the guys who run the theater and we were thrilled to have him participate especially since it was near primary election time. The other guy with the mayor sash and top hat plays the mayor in any and all shows that need a mayor for any reason.

    This years video was much more fun for me. I had a problem with the 3D models and the shatter effect. For some reason when I added shatter the models got washed out and it interfered with the lighting I had set up. Without the shatter the models looked much better. But I didn't have the luxury of time to try and find a work around due to last minute changes.

    Just a couple inside info things to help make sense of the events that occur. We try to keep the videos locally oriented to Racine and for those that didn't know, Racine is nicknamed the Kringle capital of the world. Kringle was the theme of this year's show even though we wanted to pay homage to Star Wars. Kringle, in most local bakeries, comes in a white wax bag with a white cardboard ring that sits in the center to keep the frosting from sticking to the bag. Kringle is oval shaped and comes with a gooey center similar to cherry, apple or pecan pie filling. There are countless different flavors inside a light, flakey crust.

    Racine has a few buildings that are eye sores, the first one you'll see was a store that's been abandoned since the early 80s and the Pick and Save store, the second building (or where the 3rd explosion takes place) has been shut down for about a year due to too much shoplifting from the residents in the area and a high school across the street. [I used to see shopping carts all the time 5 or 6 blocks away sitting in an apartment parking lot] The intersection of County Highway K and Highway 38 is the site of Racine's first roundabout. Residents still complain about it 15 years later and would prefer the traffic lights be put back rather than have the roundabout. So those are the three targets we chose for the video.

    One of this years cast members has a genuine certified stormtrooper uniform so at the end when the stormtrooper stops Chet and Rex it's an actual stormtrooper. What you don't see after the video ends is Chet and Rex being escorted to the stage and Princess Leia tells the stormtrooper,"These are not the idiots you're looking for" and the trooper walks away.......start of the show follows. Snowdance is a 10 minute comedy festival and they usually perform ten - twelve 10 minute plays in one show. Submissions come in from all over the world and each audience gets to vote on their 3 favorite plays. Then at the end of the 4 week run the votes are tallied up and a winner is determined.

    Now to plug the theater- if you're interested in submitting a play:

    This info will be updated but the deadline every year is November 1st. So even though the info has 2016 still listed it will be the same for 2017.

  • "It's OK . . .  They didn't hit anything important".

    Hilarious!  Glad I read the back story first. 

    What fun.  I wouldn't worry about the effects, they fit right in with the piece being campy.   Kudos.  Well done! @StormyKight

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    @StormyKnight You have knack for making me crave food! First beer and bratwurst and now kringle! I was all excited for pączki because it's that time of year until you started talking kringle........

  • @Stargazer54 - Thank you! I'll pass your comments on to the director and he will be pleased as am I. Campy is what he wanted. I've scoped out a couple audiences this weekend (opening weekend) and there were more laughs and chuckles than I had anticipated. There were even cheers when the old Pick and Save "got it".

    @Aladdin4d - LOL. Sorry about that. When Rex says to Princess Leia "May the pastry be with you" I would have responded differently if I were Chet. I would have patted my stomach with both hands and said,"Believe me, it already is." Now, I guess my task should be getting your mind back on those delicious pączkis! The sales are on at our bakeries. Hey, where and how did you get that 'ą' to work?

  • This time I copied pasted because I was already placing an order for tomorrow morning ;)

    For future reference though - Tap the Windows Key and type Character Map in the search box. You can type and insert any international characters like "ą" then copy it to the clipboard. Very handy for titling. It'll also tell you the unicode values so you can use those with an ALT+X  key combo in a lot of apps like Word. The unicode value for ą is 0105 so you would type 0105 and immediately do ALT+X and Word will convert that to ą

  • Funny, funny, Stormy. I bet the audience loved it! 

    Tech note: Shatter, 3D Extrusion and Parallax--all three of them default to ALL lights in a scene. However, if you split things up with grade layers (like models with lights both above and below a dividing Grade) then these effects can "over light" easily. However all three effects let you choose individual lights (up to four) to use, which prevents this problem. 

     Here's an example. In the video below, Parallax has been applied toto the 3D model--the top left render is using all lights in the scene. You'll see highlights on the saucer "pop off" when the light illuminating the Moon (seperated from the ship by a grade layer) stops existing (Moon is out of frame, don't need it or it's lights anymore.). Bottom right render has the Parallax adjusted to only use the lights hitting the saucer. 

    Took me forever to figure out!

     Finally, I love the gag, "Who put all these giant paragraphs in space?" but wonder if you'd ever seen this...

  • @Aladdin4d - Thanks for the info! You taught me something new today. You can apologize later. lol just kidding

    @Triem23 - Thank you for the feedback and the info about the light selection. I doubt I would have figured that out any time soon but I will definitely remember to try that the next time I use the FX you pointed out. I did try the grade layer separation but didn't think to put layers above and below like you mentioned.

    I have not seen the SW vs. ST before. Pretty clever. I've pondered for many, many a year what happens to those paragraphs as they go floating off into the distance. This was the first opportunity I've had to 'address' that issue and the director thought it was pretty funny too. Fortunately, that wasn't one of the scenes we cut out.

    I had to speed everything up a little to stay within the three minutes but a side effect of that was a bunch of people missed the 'SNOW DANCE' title written like SW. So I'm adjusting the speed of the title so it stays in view a little longer so people can catch it....although why one would look away after seeing the teaser is beyond me. This gives me the chance to correct the misspelled 'council' as well. Oops! Ironically, no one caught it 'til a friend of mine mentioned it Saturday night when I showed her the video at home. Doh! I'll post the corrected one in place of the one above when I complete that task.


  • Ahh . . . c'mon!   Phasers don't fire from the sensor dish!  Sheeesh.

    (still awesome) @Triem23

  • @Stargazer54 um, they neutronized a glableflotzit and hypercharged the antimuon schrodinger generator to crosslink the tractor beams with the navigational deflectors? 

    Creative, really, since everyone knows the schrodinger generator is a key part of the transporter de/integrator. 

    @StormyKnight I didn't catch that typo, either 

  • @Triem23 You forgot about the Heisenberg compensators.

  • @Aladdin4d are you mad? Running Heisenberg compensation with a hypercharged Schrodinger generator is a great way to cancel your own existence! Or, summon infinite cats. The math is unclear. 

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    @Aladdin4d & @Triem23  "Or, summon infinite cats. The math is unclear." LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL- I almost choked on my Chester Cheetah snack food!

    What you need to do is set up a frequency harmonic between the deflector and the shield grid using the warp field generator as a power flow anti-attain weighter which will create an amplification of the inherent energy output. Capiche?

  • @Triem23 Are ye daft? The whole blessed thing is bypassed like a Christmas tree as it is! It'll take 3 weeks to isolate the compensators

  • I have two words for you - Tachyon Burst

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    @Stargazer54- Coming from a Klingon- that's no surprise.....always bursting someone's bubble  tachyons. ;^)

    @Aladdin4d - 3 weeks?!?!?! You've got 4 hours!!!! Get 'er done.

  • Howdy folks,

    I haven't been as active here the past few weeks as I'm finishing up the opening sequence for, hopefully, a television show prospect. Things are going better than anticipated so all the guys I'm working with are very happy with my contributions and for that I owe a bunch of you on here a great big THANK YOU for your tips, tricks, tuts and support. You know who you are and there are too many to list........oh boy, there are quite a few. THANK YOU!!!!!

    I hate to be a bother about this- would someone with more powers than me please move me to the HitFilm User Gallery? I would be eternally grateful!

    In other brief news, a recent visit to the doctor turned unexpectedly when they found I suffer from a strange abnormality called paronomasia. Unfortunately it appears to be getting worse as I grow older and it's a genetic thing passed down from like gendered family members. Anyway, don't worry too much. It pretty much means if I go insane no one will notice. Oh, since the chances are you may have never heard of this disorder here's a definition. I'm sure you'll understand-- it explains a lot about me.

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    Oh, dear Lord, you've come down with dadjokitis and... Oh... Crap. It's in so many of us. 

    *Plays theme to "The Jeffersons" and moves thread. 

  • Thanks, @Triem23 !!! Movin' on up. LOL Niiiiice.           

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    Howdy folks! Been busy working on vid stuff but I've been lurking as much as I can....unfortunately not as much as I'd like. Anyway, this is a short vid I played around with to break from the regular vid stuff. The tornado is on the  Preset Marketplace too.


  • Holy crap!!!

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    Auntie Em!

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    Hey @StormyKnight, glad you're back!

    I like it.  Personally I'd brighten the background a slight and then darken the tornado.  It almost looks a little too bright for the scene.

    Love the debris flying away.  Great motion!

  • @spydurhank - LOL- Thanks!

    @Triem23 - No animals were harmed in the making of this video. Toto is safe. Repeat- Toto is safe.   I wanted to throw a couple pieces of furniture flying out of the debris but the models had to be scaled down so small it didn't look right and couldn't really tell what the furniture was.   

      @Stargazer54 - Thank you! Now that you mention it, that's not a bad idea to darken the tornado. The background pic was taken just before first light of the day and was too bright for a stormy situation. I used the Day for Night effect- perhaps a little too much. The debris/shatter took forever to get just right and maybe should have used a shatter map that made smaller pieces.

    Thanks for the feedback, guys!

  • Wow , all of your work is powerful and energetic. Blender is one beast you can't get enough of. 

  • @Ahssan - Thanks! I appreciate the feedback. I wish I knew Blender better than I do. If I could psychically tap into the brains of a few others here who know Blender quite well, I would. But alas, my life is not a sci-fi movie & no matter how hard I try I just can't make a psychic connection.  ;^)

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