Few Bugs discovered in HF2017



  • @Triem23 ; But sometimes I need tweak something, blah.. I'm tweaking comps very often and I can't use ram preview for that when using many comps. So I make proxy from embedded comps. Ram preview is good for one shot. But when I'm creating few embedded comps, every with 10-20 layers, ram preview will render it forever each time I change anything... So I prerender each embedded comp and ram preview is unnecessary. When I want to tweak one comp, I simply open it, change and make proxy again.

    The problem is, I can't work in HF then because of the message box showing in each mouse click in other comp.

    If the background process is responsible for rendering and deleting proxy and it is only one threaded so who is displaying this message box? The edited proxy is invalidated in first message box occurrence. But the message box pops up...

    You're saying it's a feature/limitation, not a bug... I'm saying it's a problem that occurred frequently when editing.

  • Yes I so have an antivirus I can try that.

    I've got another bug to report. when migrating from Hit films to after effects. I'm receiving an error of multiple copies of plugin presets plugins from Hitfilms. With hitfilms 3 and 4 plus Ignite 4 I didn't get this error. I got It after I installed hitfilms 2017. any help would be appreciated. Also if it helps I'm running Windows 7 64bit and after effects cs5.


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    I have a weird question about hitfilms 2017 and ignite 2017; when installing both do you need to uninstall past versions of hitfilms or ignite. Does the software overwrite previous software versions of it or does the software just install in an additional different location?

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    @acbdc82 Hitfilm 2017 can be installed along older versions of Hitfilm.

    Hitfilm Ignite overwrites older versions. 

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    @Triem23 Thanks for the information, I was curious how hitfilms and Ignite installed.  This is the error I ran into and why I asked how hitfilm and ignite installed

    Dropbox screen error hitfilms ignite (click on link for image)


    Update: Uninstalling Hitfilms Ignite 2017 seems to remove the duplicate preset issue. I tried deactivating Ignite 2017 first; however the error message reappeared after restarting my computer and an attempting to run cs5 after effects. Is it possible there is an error within hitfilms ignite 2017 causing it to read duplicate presets from older versions of hitfilms? If so how do I correct the issue, any help would be appreciated, because i would love to play around in hitfilms pro 2017 and ignite more

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    Hmmmm... Ignite should have removed the older version. You might want to remove older versions of Ignite manually to be safe.

    Again, Ignite should always be a clean install--this is due to hosts, like AE, not liking multiple versions of the same plug-in installed.

    As far as Hitfilm itself goes--well I'm working on so templates/presets for other users and have been skipping between HF2U, HF3P, HF4E and HFP 2017 tonight all on the same computer. :-)

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    Found a new one.

    Imported a HF3 Pro project with an End Credits Crawl effect.  The text in all of the Elements boxes had a ton of extraneous line breaks added, which totally borked the spacing of the lines.  I've had to go through and fix them all.

    F'rex, in the box it originally was "3D Modeler(line break)FX & Compositing", but after import it was "3D Modeler(line breakX10)FX & Compositing"

  • Following up on my last post to note that this issue isn't just happening with imported projects.  After being unable to keep rogue newlines from creeping into the End Credits sequence I deleted it and recreated it.  After four or five load-and-saves from working on the project since, newlines are again being inserted into the End Credits Crawl elements, causing spacing issues in my text.

  • @SteveKarstensen I've been able to reproduce so I've logged it for someone to have a look and fix it later. Thanks for reporting it.

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    You're welcome.  Happy to help.   Can someone poke @Ady and ask him if he still needs those files I have hosted in my Dropbox for the particle presets?

  • @SteveKarstensen - Sorry, I've been meaning to reply to your message! I'll reply now!

  • Cool news. I've also been experiencing bug #3. But, I'll follow Triem23's advice. Sounds like a fine workaround.

  • Mocha plugin and proxy works fine in latest update :). Thanks.

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    @Onixarts - Thanks for letting us know.

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