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Does anyone know how to do corner pin in mocha hitfilm pro 2017?


  • I'm not sure it supports that but I could be wrong. @Triem23 will no doubt put me right

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    You don't corner pin in mocha. You use mocha to track an area, then use the corner point coordinates of the track's Surface as the corner pin data. 

  • Corner PIN gets translated to quad Warp in HitFilm

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    You still use the surface points from mocha as the data for the Quad Warp, which is just another name for Corner Pin. 

  • Then is there a tutorial on quad Warp?


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    2017 seems to operate just like HF 4 with mocha. mocha is a plug-in but you still save Hitfilm composite shots (corner pin, camera track) from mocha and import those into your Hitfilm project. Those mechanisms are still there.

    If there is anything new I have not looked very closely. In mocha saving a project you no longer give it a file name. It seems the project is attached to the specific effect in Hitfilm. The view matte seems to show your tracked surfaces. I'm not sure what we can do with this.  You can use apply matte to mask out untracked mocha splines.

    Back to the corner pin.

    mocha will export a "corner pin" Hitfilm composite shot to disk for Hitfilm. Have you have done your mocha tracking then click "export tracking data" and then from that dialog select to export a Hitfilm corner pin composite shot. That saves a composite shot with quad warp applied and the corners of your surface applied to the four quad warp points. Import that comp into your HF project and use it.

    As for learning mocha, then find various mocha tutorials and FxHome has a few tutorials using mocha to track things.

    Mocha can be complicated to use. For a corner pin you might consider just doing 4 Hitfilm point tracks. Save the track to a point and direct the quad warp to use the four points. The Hitfilm native tracker works pretty well and is hyper easy to use. If the HF tracker fails you then there is always mocha.

  • When I export shape Data it is planes, not actually the source...

  • I thought you wanted to do a corner pin. Why export shape data? I think export shape function is more for doing roto type work. For roto type work the new plug-in with the apply matte abilities may be the better/cleaner way to go.

    When mocha exports a corner pin it has the quad warp applied to a simple plane as a placeholder for the quad warp effect. mocha cannot know the replacement video source/layer is that you want to use the corner pin on. So you just copy the quad warp effect onto the source/layer that you want to replace the masked section of source video that you tracked.

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