Which photo is real and which is made in HitFilm?

Which one of these photos do you think looks real?  Is it obvious they were created in HitFilm?



Cheers :)


  • Both flares are from HitFilm, looks like. Photo1 has elements from the spotlight hard and digital stripe/anamorphic streak flares. Photo2 has the "other elements" of an anamorphic enterprise flare.

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    @Yeremyah I'd say that one is real.

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    @inScapeDigital Yes, that is real.

    Any suggestions how to get something like #3 in HitFilm?

    My attempts all look fake it seems :(

  • @Yeremyah What gave it away for me in #3 were the soft light rays and very slight color fringing around the core, which are pretty hard to replicate.

    I've found that the Bilateral blur effect makes the HitFilm rays look better, and mixing/matching different colored flare pieces of various intensities can give you the color variation.

  • I respect you @inScapeDigital and your HF knowledge.

    Is there any chance you can create Photo 3 and upload the project file for me, as I have struggled for a very long time to get a realistic sun, but have failed :(  I am out of ideas.

    Cheers, would be grateful if you can :)

  • Also, @ Yeremyah ,    If you notice in the real photo the natural gradient that forms in the sky as you get further from the sun.   If the sun is centered, It's somewhat like a vignette,  If you had included clouds you would see that the clouds further from the sun are somewhat under exposed while the area near the sun is blown out. If I am shooting directly into the sun and the sun is above the sun rise or sun set level I use a ND16 soft gradient filter and adjust the position of the filter so I an get a reasonable exposure of the both the foreground and the sky.   If you do not do this and expose specifically for the sky the foreground will be very dark.  If you expose for the foreground that the entire sky will be blown out.

    I know that I did not answer any of your questions, however as @inScapeDigital said these subtle variables of a sun shot are hard to convincingly  reproduce.  I have  tested the use of a legitimate sky /sun photo as the background "Sky replacement" and experimented with augmenting with the flare effect and other ray effects.

  • @Yeremyah Here you go. HF4E doesn't have the Gleam or Bilateral Blur effects built-in, which make it easier, but I gave it a shot.

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    Cheers :)  I don't have Gleam or Bilateral Blur effects with my Express as you said, however, your project file still loaded normally for me. How was that possible?

    I bought the flares pack for $25 ages ago, maybe that is why it loaded?

    So here is your version, is this how it looks on your PRO?


  • @BobDiMarzio Thank you for your comments :)

  • My tip for creating very realistic effects is NOT to use a single effect - never. Single effect always generates a perfect image.. which is too perfect. You have to add more effects, like blur, some distortions, noise or camera grain, something that adds some imperfection to the effect's chain, and reduce main effect strength - as many times there is too much amount of main effect, causing unreal results ;).

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    I hear ya @Onixarts , cheers :)

    Have you had a go yourself with this? If so, can you share it?

  • @Yeremyah Yes, that looks right. It loaded for you because I created it in HF4 Express.

  • @inScapeDigital Awesome :)  So that works in Express 4 without any addons?

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