How to recover a file from Autosave?

Where is the autorecovery folder? After I enter the program files and HitFilm Express, FXHome folder, where am I supposed to look at, for the autosaved filed?


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    My Autosave is set to the lowest 1 min. I save manually also. Which is why, this is so weird that although I had opened the file after the major addition and edits, everything has reverted to an older situation. And, I have a feeling I can get it back. The usual auto recover message had also not come. It just crashed.  It does crash a lot of times but I always get the autorecover and usually I'm good to go. 

    Can anyone please help?? Thanks!!

  • Pls help? Where should I look for Autosaved file in HItFilm Express?

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    Look in your "autosave" tab, where you set it to 1 mn. Just below is the path to the folder your saves are stored in (if any: my folder is empty...).

  • Incidentally, saving every minute isn't actually the best oprion. When saving, Hitfilm stops whatever else it's doing to save your project files. You can actually lower performance or cause issues that way. You're better to put auto save around 10 minutes. 

  • You don't need to retrieve the autosaved file. After a Crash, When you re-launch HitFilm it will auto-detect the auto saved file, and toss up a dialog saying so, and asking you if you want to save it. Just select yes, name the file, and you can carry on working from the auto-saved state.

  • What if there was no such prompt and it reverted back to an older situation like three saves ago?

  • Then there is no auto-saved file to retrieve. This could happen if HitFilm crashed during the auto-save process.

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    Yes, that's exactly what used to happen to me!

    If I'd get the autosaved file then that's not a problem, at all.

    I was hopeful and worried about the project that I'd worked a lot on but there was no recovered file prompt.


  • I had a problem like this too. Hitfilm crashed, was reopened, popped up its dialog asking if I want to recover my autosaved project, but it popped up BEHIND another dialog about QuickTime not being installed (yeah, I don't think I need it; correct me if I'm wrong). I pressed Esc to close the QuickTime-related dialog, and it closed the dialog about recovering the project file instead, because that had stolen the window focus without my knowing it, and had only been open for maybe less than a second.

    This should not happen; I would hope that Hitfilm would react more along the lines of "Wait a sec right there! Are you SURE you want to throw all this work away?! Dude! Shut up! I'm not throwing this work away until you click this 'YES GO AHEAD AND DELETE MY WORK PLEASE' confirmation button right here in this dialog!"

    I wouldn't expect it to be worded literally like that, but hopefully you see my point.

    (Also, yes, I know we should manually save frequently, but autosave is good for those times when it's been a while since we've saved)

  • Just like HiFi, the same happened to me. I had JUST finished my long video, I was playing back the last part to see it and it crashed. I opened it back up but when the box popped up, I closed that quickly because I was also exiting the other window and boom. There goes my chance to recover two hours worth of work.

    I feel destroyed right now.

  • Never rely on autosave in any software package.  Save multiple versions as u proceed with your project.  Whenever you make a fairly major change, then save a new version.  I put numbers at the end of the filename to denote Ver01, Ver02, etc.

    If u have a crash u can always fall back to a previous version.

  • Thank you so much. Actually, Hitfilm does always say "Recovered file", after a crash. And Hitfilm Express 2017 crashes ALL THE TIME. But because the file is there, I usually don't worry. Falling back on other versions or switching between multiple files is usually not an option for me as I edit 4k video files on a 16 GB RAM, 8GB VRAM, NVIDIA 980M Laptop. (For my YouTube channel

    However, when I have particularly set Auto Save for 10 seconds or 1 seconds, the interim file should be saved SOMEWHERE!

    Only, I do not know how to access it.

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    @doveranalyst check the "File>Options>Autosave" tab. That will show you the folder Autosaves go to.

    Change your autosave settings. Saving every ten seconds (or second) is a bad idea. Basically you're telling Hitfilm to stop what it's doing and save... All the time. Setting Autosave that frequently is increasing crashes. Put this back to ten minutes. Five if you're being paranoid. 

    Look at it this way... It takes two to five seconds to save a file. If you're autosaving every second you're telling Hitfilm to save again before it's finished saving.... 

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    I've literally just spent 2 hours making a drone edit, and the software crashed when I was making an edit to a clip...

    When I opened up the program, it was cleared completely. I clicked on the autosave tab and it says it autosaves every 10 minutes, and autosave was enabled... However when I click into the filepath that it claims to be auto-saving too, it's blank. I've just lost 2 hours of my life and I now have no confidence to use this product. Autosave was enabled so I don't understand what it's been doing... It should have autosaved 12 times during my editing time...

  • Sorry for your woes KraigA- Frustrating for sure. To tell you the truth autosave has never worked for me.(since Pro3) Nothing is ever saved in the autosave folder. Good thing I come from the old school of manually saving after edits. Crtl-S has and always will be my friend.

  • Autosave and the behaviour when you say "no" on restarting after a crash is...less than helpful.

    You almost never mean "Discard" when you say "No", you just mean "Not right now, I need to change that thing that I think crashed it before I save it again". If you do mean discard; then that's what the New option is for.

    Add your complaints/suggestions to the wishlist thread.

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