No 15% discount in january for upgrades?

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is that me or the 15% discount in jan is just for new users?


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    Well... The 15% discount on HFP 2017 upgrades was from Nov 14 to December 30... Now it's a different sale. 

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    @KiKooVillage - Everything in the store is discounted 15% in January, including upgrades.

  • Thanks Axel, sorry for late reply, was just checking my account tho,
    Last year's update was £131 or something n this year £165???
    First is  that including the 15% off?
    And second why is it kinda so much this year, it's kinda like 60% of Full price and surely Hitfilm 2017 isnt 60% more than Hitfilm Pro 4 ... if that makes any sense?? ;)

  • @KiKooVillage He said that upgrades are included in the 15% discount. They're not required to keep the price the same every year; they're still a business that needs to make money.

  • Ok so the update price this year is £189 ??

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