Can Hitfilm ruin music quality?

I downloaded a free song to place in my video. It was clear and crisp sound on Windows Media Player, but when I dragged it into Hitfilm it sounded kind of like it had some awful noise. I thought my speakers went bad and exported, uploaded but now I'm comparing it to the mp3 again and it sounds clear. 

It sounded bad in Hitfilm preview as well as export. I swapped the song for the same one from the Youtube library but I lost some bird background noise.

Any idea why this happened? I didn't have this issue earlier.


  • What's the link to the free song and I will test it on my HF?

  • That would be very strange. It's not a problem I've encountered.  

  • What are your audio options in the project screen? Does it sound okay when you play it back in the timeline?

  • @CedricBonnier it doesn't sound good on my timeline but I thought it was just my laptop lagging.

    @Yeremyah I have downloaded the song from Youtube free Audio Library. It is this song Modus Operandi - Wes Hutchinson

    I don't think I can link it, don't know if you would have access unless you own a channel. I had to replace the audio within Youtube because it was horrible. Tried removing the song from Hitfilm project and reentering but it exported the same crackling sounds (kind of like an off radio station :)

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    What I did was downloaded the MP4 file using an youtube addon in Firefox.

    Then I used a MP4 to MP3 convertor.

    I then imported Modus Operandi (M.O.) - Wes Hutchinsoninto Hitfilm and it plays fine.

  • Crackling audio generally indicates that your sample rates don't match. Check the sample rate of the audio file you want to use, and make sure your project is set to the same sample rate.

  • @Axel Wikinson..the song was ok at one point. It started crackling at a certain point. I noticed, when editing the next video, the same thing occurs (sometimes) if I mess around with fading the level in or out manually, pressing CTRL and creating points on the audio track, pulling them up or down. It happened when one node went way up, almost like it couldn't handle the loudness. 

    I don't know it doesn't always behave the same, but I saw that if I mess around with the audio (aside from just cutting it), I have a potential of ruining the audio.


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