Happy New Year

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A day is left for this year to finish. I thought just to say Happy New Year to everybody in this group since tomorrow evening everybody will be busy


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    @Ahssan  Pretty Sweet!  I've just started to play with Atomic particles so this is still above my skill set, but being able to do something like this could be very useful.  Hope you have a great year to come.

  • @tddavis, thanks , buddy the animation was done in Blender and composition with music and green screen was done in hitfilm. I'm sure it can be done in Hitfilm but I find blender easy to work with :).


    You to have a great year a head.

  • Happy New Year to you too, and best wishes for 2017 :)

  • @Ahssan  That's part of my problem.  I'm trying to learn too many software at once.  HF, Blender, GIMP, Howler Dogwaffle... the list is endless!   I like Blender and have made some progress there, but it has a steep learning curve...at least for me.

  • @DanielGWood, thanks alot and same to you :)


  • @tddavis, man you should tailor down your list of software to learn. I was having same issue, Overwhelmed by all those cool software out there but then I put my self stick to blender and HitFilm. With these two great beasts, believe me, you can do anything.

  • @Ahssan  Good to know.  Truly, I have put most of my time into just those two using the others only if I needed a background plate for some esoteric thing or another.

  • @tddavis I'd keep Howler on the list it's worth it ;)

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    @Aladdin4d  I like what I see can be done with it for sure, but I have yet to be able to make anything even slightly awesome as their results look like.  But I was as lost in Blender as that until I found this 8 part tutorial series and that dude was dead brilliant at explaining things so I could pick it up.  I've found a few tutorials for Howler but none that covers the basic steps like those.  BUt then, I probably haven't looked enough either.

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    @Aladdin4d  Thanks.  I subbed him (whoops!) her and will give them a watch ASAP.

  • I don't partake in, or celebrate New Years myself, as it has false Pagan god origins. 

    The day was dedicated to the FALSE GOD Janus of gateways and beginnings, for whom January (Ianuariuas) is also named (Forsythe, Time in Roman Religion, p. 14)

    So those who partake in New Years are actually celebrating this false gods "new creation or new birth" each year.

  • @Yeremyah - Tell us how you really feel.

    Happy New Year to all!

  • Lol.

    Happy New Year All <3  

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    Love is life :)

  • Happy new year all

  • Happy new year =)

  • Happy New Year! Proud to be part of a great community.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Happy New Year*! ;-D

    (*according to that particular calendar!) 

  • 4 hours till the New Year where I am. Pagans rejoice in the beginning of a new calendar year. Party hardy Marty.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @NormanPCN well. We're in the same time zone, but we can be a bit early. ;-) 

  • @Triem23 I believe we are closer than you think. I am in Thousand Oaks.

  • Well it sounds like neighbors are firing mortar rounds and I have two terrified chihuahuas climbing all over me. Must be time to say Happy New Year Everybody!

  • Happy New Year all!  As usual I slept through all hoopla...

  • @tddavis , welcome in 2017

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