How do I set up a luminance map for a 3D model?

I've created a texture where I baked in the luminance for a 3D set. But, I do not see where I can import a luminance map to use to "light" the set. Can someone help me with this?

Thanks in advance.


  • I don't believe Hitfilm supports Illumination maps. If you're talking about HDRI Illumination then in Hitfilm the method would be assign the light probe image an Environment Map/360 degree video effect and crank up Diffuse Reflectivity as shown here.

  • Ok, thanks. I thought I'd check.

  • Np. As you'll see in Simon's tutorial an environment map and high diffuse reflectivity is pretty close, if not quite, the same look as using an Illumination map. You should be able to get your set looking like you want with a little tweaking. 

  • To clarify, the illumination map I am intending is one where the shadows as well as the lighting are baked into the model's own texture. The idea being that I would use that instead of Hitfilm's lights. In practice, I could render the scene with an animated camera in my 3D app and render it out from there. Followed by compositing it with actors and other elements in Hitfilm.

    Maybe a possible feature in the future of Hitfilm? No biggie.

  • Well, what you are describing could be baked into a Diffuse Texture. 


  • I guess I could try placing the baked texture in the Diffuse map slot and see what it looks like.

  • Just for the record, this is the Enterprise-D CGI model as used in Voyager and Enterprise, rendered in 4k by Mojo Lebowitz. 

    Most of that surface texture is Diffuse Maps. That sucker was a TV model from the 1990's.

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