need help - 2 GPU - select the right one for HF4

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Hello every one !

I'm a bit confused to have an error "your video card don't have enought memory to bla blabla" : I'm running an AMD RX 480 8Go . . .

But I'm working on a Pc carrying AMD APU with also a GPU R7 1Go shared RAM. . . So I suppose Hitfilm is using this little tiny one video card instead of the good one.

A simple way to work around could be to deacitivate the APU's GPU in bios but I can't, because i'm using it too to use 4 displays !

My main display is plugged on the RX 480.

Can I "indicate" to hitfilm to use only the RX 480 card ?


Thanks for the help,



  • I tried to disable my R7 GPU (integrated in processor) in bios and almost ruined my PC - not booting, need to hard reset bios and a bit of fear . . .

  • Confrimed : looking into AMD moniring : RX 480 is iddle while i'm générating proxies and edditing in same time.

    one good point is Hitfilm is usable on an A8-7650K APU guys, quite well as far as I can judge it from my beginner perspective. . .

  • I have issues on steam games too : my games now start and integrated APU GPU after my tries to disable it. I posted on AMD support.

    This will also help people with two video card pluged in mother board.

    Now the only solution i have is to unplug display from mother board to deactivate R7 in the APU, and force using the big video card

    INFO for all Laptop users (maybe modos should pin it in new thread : you can (you MUST) specify which GPU (discrete or intergrated) Hitfilm uses. for AMD users with crimson drivers :

    Open Radeon settings

    click on house (bottom left)

    click preferences

    click top left button "more radeon settings" [it will open the old catalyst interface]

    go to "power tab" then you can set for each program witch GPU you want to use.

    google "laptop switching  AMD" for more details.

  • Yes part of buying a GPU is making sure it's got the outputs you need for your monitors. Active adapters are expensive.

  • HitFilm doesn't support AMD APUs. If you want to use integrated graphics, they need to be Intel (HD 4000 or above). But dedicated graphics from AMD or NVIDIA are preferred.

  • Thank for the answer, As I wrote, I also have a dedicated  RX 480.  After a careful survey, Yes, HE seems to "use" my discrete GPU. find the pic attached.
    I miss it because, even when I play the project, GPU usage is soooo low, I did not consider it as the HF4 usage. The graphic below shows GPU usage with only HF4 active right after the boot.

    By the way, the preview rendering is laggy, all proxies done) the very reason why I was thinking HF4 was using the intergrated GPU.

    GPU usage view

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