How to relink audio and video tracks?

So, I was making a video, and I edited the the audio from one portion of the video to another, by unlinking and moving it. Now, I cant seem to make a composite shot because the two tracks are separate. how can I relink them? I am using hitfilm 4 express


  • When you create a composite shot the original audio will be reattached to the video, so anything you've done in the editor shouldn't make any difference.

  • To relink video and audio NLE timeline clips you select the video and audio clips. Then right click one of them and choose the link option.

  • I haven't done this, but I think you could make a composite shot with the video from the time line, ( the original audio will link,), then you can add the modified audio to the composite shot. Turn off the video's audio channel. Now the new composite shot should have your modified audio as it's linked audio channel.  As I said, I haven't tried this and I am traveling at the moment; but, I'm pretty sure this should work.

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