Hitfilm Pro Exports 4k 60fps

Just wondering... Does Hitfilm Pro 2017 support 4k exports at 60fps?


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    Yes it does. Although so does HF4 (Pro).

    You'll just need to make certain that the "Level" control in your mp4 output is set to "5.2." I can't comment on Cineform, since I've not tried.

  • @Triem23 are you sure? I've tried that and it still wont work.

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    Never mind, was thinking of something else.

  • @Filmtech I forgot set "Profile" to "High."

  • @Triem HitFilm doesn't support 5.2 profile just yet, so it won't be possible to export 4k at 60fps in a H.264 video until then.

    @Filmtech Cineform will do it yes ;)

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    So how can I export my videos in 4k 60fps in Hitfilm? 

    Not familiar with cineform.

    And are 4k 60fps exports available in HFP 2017?

  • @FilmTech Are using the Windows or Mac version? Cineform is only available in the Windows version. Mac users get to use ProRes. I'm not in front of Pro 2017 right now but worst case is you have to make a Preset in the Render Queue. For Cineform that means click New Preset then AVI and select Cineform. Mac is basically same except you choose MOV and select ProRes.


    HitFilm's Cineform support is native meaning it's built into the program using Cineform's own SDK. To use Cineform encoded files in other programs they either need to have native Cineform support (Adobe products and Resolve do) or you need to install the  GoPro Quik Desktop/Studio  which includes the VfW Cineform codec. 

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