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I am exhausted and heartbroken.  I am NOT a computer person.  Just trying to make a Youtube on my computer today and trying to edit out all the bad parts..."UM, UHHHHH, YOU KNOW".  Couldn't figure  out making editing cuts on YouTube Editor so I downloaded this HitFilm Express.  My audio and video don't match up.  I have listened to and watched hours of "help" and am at a loss.  My video is just me talking.  It was recorded on my laptop and then uploaded to HitFilm Express.  Is there any hope or should I hang the towel up? 


  • Recorded via the laptop's web camera? It's probably "Variable Frame Rate" footage. Editors, including Hitfilm, need "Constant Frame Rate" footage. So, you'll have to convert your VFR footage to a CFR format 

    And those are the tutorials in this thread:

    If your footage is shot on a phone, a tablet, a webcam, or via screencapture, then you'll need to follow transcoding procedures like those shown in those tutorials. 


  • You might have variable bitrate footage- which HF does't take well. If you're on a mac, open up the file in quicktime, and then do command i. (It should say it somewhere I think). If you're on a PC, I'm not entirely sure, but there might be a "media Info" app or maybe you can download it, but it should tell you how to find out if your footage is VBR.  ( Then, something like handbrake to transcode the files to a constant bitrate would be good. If you have constant bitrate, then it could be something else that I wouldn't know about.

    But.. anyway


    Hope This Helps,


  • Ya'll are wonderful!  I am checking these things out!  Thanks so much!


  • I downloaded and installed HandBrake and can't figure out how to import my video.  The webpage looks the same as before I downloaded the program.  I am reading that there should be a toolbar that has an "open source" option, but I am not seeing that.

  • OK.  I just saw the icon on the desktop.  I am going to keep trying!


  • Big bummer, Ya'll!  I just finished importing my Handbrake edited video into HitFilm and it is still out of sync.  I tried to mess with the frames/second or something like that and I could never get the voice and pic. to align.  Any other thoughts?  By the way I'm on a PC.


  • How can I find out the speed of the sound?  Maybe I should try to change that!?


  • @Luvtogrow Have you watched the following video until the end? At 8:37 Simon describes the settings to use in HandBrake. Let us know if you cannot make the video work so we can help you further :)

    HandBrake encoding settings

    Extra options are: keyint=15:min-keyint=1:bframes=0

    @Behind_The_Lens HitFilm (all versions) supports variable bit rate, it's variable frame rate (VFR) that isn't supported ;)

  • I'll add one more item. Often you need to choose a framerate. Using "same as source" does not work at times and you still get VFR. I seen it at least once, I was confused as to why, I did not investigate why.

    My speculation is it may be with the specifics on the media header. I've seen VFR media where MediaInfo lists framerate and variable min and max rates. I've also seen ones where it only listed the variable min and max rates. I think the later might be where Handbrake can still give VFR when using "same as source" since the header lists no target framerate.

  • @NormanPCN silly me, I would assume one would have to manually set framerate, since, "same as source" implies "keep original framerate if VFR!" 

  • @Triem23 Exactly. Setting the frame rate manually will force a frame rate conversion. 

  • edited December 2016

    Yes, Best to say always choose a framerate in addition to selecting constant framerate.

    I just tried a Handbrake transcode on a Shadowplay capture and selecting constant framerate and "same as source" still gives VFR.

    Maybe both the video game tutorials should have an overlay added to indicate the need to choose a framerate since both only mention selecting constant framerate to fix things up.

  • @NormanPCN an overlay is a good idea. I tag @AxelWilkinson to read the above comment once he's slept off the Rebellion tutorials. 

  • Thanks @NormanPCN and @Triem23, I've added a note to that tutorial.

  • @AlexWilkson @Luvtogrow
    I've also spent long frustrating hours trying to fix the sync issue with my voice and video.  I researched and tried Handbrake to fix the problem, but the quality of the video rendered from Handbrake is not good and the sync issue still remains. :(
    I attempted to set my  Andriod Samsung Galaxy S6 to capture videos on constant frame rate of 60 as per a youtube video suggestion. They show the setting option for iPhones but I don't see an option in my Galaxy S6 video settings to set the variable frame rate to constant?
    I have spent so many many hours struggling with this issue synch issue. And my project has been delayed. 
    When I watch my videos on my phone and computer they are in sync but when I import them to HitFilm 4 Express they go out of sync. 
    Any suggestions on how to fix this?

  • @Jinkelly As talked about above you need to manually set a frame rate in addition to choosing Constant Frame Rate. You can get a higher quality by setting Constant Quality to a lower value (yes lower = higher quality)

    If you're using Windows you could try this as an alternative:

    Kind of a pain to set up and Cineform files will be much larger but it does work.

  • I think it's a HitFilm bug. I've been seeing the same problem; audio and video drastically out of sync.

    Even the scratch tracks from the camera are out of sync by nearly half a second; I've tried transcoding the footage from RedCine into 4 DCI Cineform, 2K DCI Cineform, and 2K DCI with Grass Valleys HQX codec. I played the last one in Windows media player, and it's fine; in HitFilm audio is very far out of sync.

    I'm going to try ProRes next, but HitFilm shouldn't be struggling with HQX in 2K.

  • @WhiteCranePhoto  For phone and game capture footage making sure it gets converted to a constant frame rate takes care of audio sync issues. Since you aren't working with that kind of thing your issue is almost certainly different. 

  • It seems like I'm only able to get audio + video playback to stay in sync when using ProRes. 4K playback was choppy, but the audio stayed in sync. I'm guessing that I'm pushing past the limits of my hardware with Cineform... argh.

    What's really shocking though is that when set to 1/8 res, I actually get smooth playback in RedCine on this machine... even with 8K footage. (Crazy, that.)


  • @WhiteCranePhoto That is weird! Right now I don't have any advice because I haven't had that problem yet.

  • Hopefully it's something that the FXHome folks can help sort out... :)


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