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When I load clips into HitFilm 4 express when playing them back they are choppy and if I move the curser along the timeline it is the same. The whole program is not running smoothly although I'm new to this software I'm trying to check everything out before I decide to keep using it. Also I don't understand how this software renders, my other software you have to mark your clip then press a button and wait for it to be renderd.  Can you tell me please if my computer is OK for running this software. My System on my computer is:

Processor  Intel (R) Core (TM) i7

CPU 980 @3.33GHz 3.33GHz

Installed memory 24.0GB

System Type 64-Bit operating system

Windows 7 Professional


  • Do you have a dedicated GPU? Of not, you are certainly under minimum specs for Hitfilm. 

  • My Graphics card is a GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost.

    So can you tell me please which part of my computer is under power for Hitfilm.


  • @MichaelBlount your your CPU would have been the kicker if you didn't have a discrete GPU. The i7 980 doesn't have an integrated GPU, and Hitfilm is very GPU dependent. The Nvidia 650 does mean you are above minimum spec. You have a good amount of RAM, and, while the i7 is a little older, it's a high-clock 6-core,so that's good. 

    I mistyped above--I put "Of not" instead of "If not."

    Next question, and one I should have asked in my prior post, what file type and codec is your footage? 

    First suggestion--double check your GPU drivers and make certain they are current.

    Second suggestion. I'm going to guess your footage is h.264,either in a MOV file or from an AVCHD camera. Hitfilm isn't the fastest NLE with mp4, particularly the AVCHD variant. Generally, FxHome recommends converting h.264 to DNxHD. Alternately, transcoding to h.264, but using settings that have been t optimized and tested for improved response in Hitfilm.

    Assuming you would go the h.264 route the tutorials in this thread show how to use Handbrake (free) to batch transcode footage. The first tutorial covers general Handbrake operation and considerations for phone, tablet and screen captured footage, the second tutorial has the optimized encoding settings.

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