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  • #Triem23 I will definitely check that out... that could be a great effect for some situations.


  • @NormanPCN :

    "I just did a test. I put a Belle Nuit test chart on the NLE timeline (therefore a 2D plane)(and only one plane of media). Set the viewer to 100%. Set the AA to 16/32x. Click the viewer between Full and Antialiased. I can see the fine lines section of the chart get softened in AA display. I set AA to 8xQ CSAA and I do not see the image altered between Full and AA display.

    GPU Nvidia GTX 980. In Nvidia speak 8xQ CSAA is a "true" 8x MSAA.

    The very high 16/32x GPU AA modes will soften. It's what they do. A problem is that Hitfilm is getting this applied to non 3D model rasterization stuff given how I believe (speculate) Hitfilm might going about things. For me I normally just set AA to its min value since I have no 3D models."

    So there isn't any change-fix actually ?

  • @Kadri I believe Norman and I both speculate that "2D" layers in Hitfilm are actually textured 3D planes at a fixed z-depth of 0. This would make all renders a rasterization of a vector object, leading to AA of things that might otherwise be ignored. 

    If this is correct then "fixing" the issue requires a fundamental change to the entire render engine in a way that would make it very difficult to maintain backwards compatibility with old projects, and even potentially breaking 3D unrolled. 

  • @Triem23 , in one of my earlier problems with blurry output, it worked when i changed the layers from 2D to 3D. So maybe it is something like you said above. But whatever the reason the export should be without blur. 

    Just because of this i used Sony Vegas  together with Hitfilm mostly instead when i could have used Hitfilm alone (even then i was worried of the result).

  • Cedric,

    “Deep data in OpenEXR is not supported (yet?) but we've just added depth maps so patience young padawan ”

    You’re right, you’re right. I must have patien…wait, WHAT?!!!  You just implemented support for depth maps? I didn’t see that in the release notes. I need to go back and check. Does that mean that I could add effects like DOF to a pre-rendered animation (provided that there was a depth map rendered out)?

  • @SRSstudios search for thr Depth Map and Depth Matte effects. Also check out the Layer Properties for a 3D model or Particle sim layer in 2D compositing mode. :-)

    Incidentally, you can use a prerendered Depth Map in any version of Hitfilm. You would bring in the depth map as an embedded composite shot and use it as a Set Matte source (luma) on a grade layer to limit a Lens Blur effect. The depth map is embedded to use grading tools (curves or gradient map) to remap the luma values as needed to tune in the map. 

  •  Thanks Triem23!

    I did not know Hitfilm could use it before; I am sure these new features make it much more streamlined. Incidentally, does working with 3d layers in 2d mode increase performance as opposed to 3d unrolled? If so, then the depth maps would really help in 3d if one needs the extra processing power.

  • @SRSstudios I'm not aware of performance differences (I've not done tests) between the compositing modes. The ddifference between a 2D and 3D unrolled compositing mode is 2D renders the layer immediately, then passes the layer to effects. 3D unrolled calculates all 3D layers, but doesn't render until hitting a 2D layer, or top of stack--which is why 3D Unrolled layers can't have effects. 

    So the new depth map functions are there to set up proper occlusions on 2D composited layers, while leaving effects active on the individual layers. Or to generate depth maps for grade layers. 

  • Got it, thanks.

  • I've found no DOCs for the Depth Map and Depth Matte effects.

  • @NormanPCN I'll check with Axel, he's the one writing the manual these days

  • @CedricBonnier Depth Map stuff wasn't flagged as complete until Dev Preview 3--pretty late in the game. He just might have missed that in the rush to build all the presets. 

  • Why are price bigger than last upgrade? Is there so many new features?

  • It's a massive update. 

  •  Hi @Grafikondesign

    This is a huge update to HitFilm Pro. In addition to the big new features in Pro itself (Scopes, Export Queue, 8K support, etc), HitFilm Pro 2017 also includes a big update to Ignite Pro, improved mocha HitFilm, and all new Boris FX Title Studio.

  • Picked this update up and then got me a nice 4k Monitor... Time to hit some film.

  • edited November 2016

    "Is the bug related to blurry export fixed in this version?

    https://hitfilm.com/forum/discussion/comment/74731/#Comment_74731 "

    Had anyone from the staff  time to look at this?

  • Been working with 2017 for the bulk of this week, and I have to say that I like all of the little UI improvements I've seen so far.  In spite of the glitches, I'm definitely glad I upgraded!

  • HF 2017 Update 1. Wow :)

    +1 Multiple properties filter - big thanks :)
    +1 double clicking and scroll properties
    +1 bug fixes :)


  • I find the tutorials a bit confusing starting with composting as the place where the tools are different.  2017 does not behave quite the way as Hitfilms  3 Pro.  When will you be updating the tutorials?

    Secondly the tutorials go fast.  As you already have close captioning could you include a transcript with the download project files for those who would like to follow along and are not quite up  to speed?

  • Think this is important.

  • @DanJFraser They're not going to redo all of their tutorials just because the UI changed slightly.

  • Yep, I agree with Dan re: transcripts. They were a huge help during the FutureLearn course.

  • Thanks for the comments guys.  What is the FutureLearn Course?

  • @DanJFraser  Here is a link to the course.  I took it when it first came out back in February, and then went through it again in August when they redid it to cement the ideas.  It really helped me to get going with Hitfilm, and learn some of basics of film making.  It doesn't look like they have one soon but you can register an interest and they will email when they do.  And it's free, so bonus!


  • @DanJFraser & @tddavis If you're using Windows then VB-Cable (free)  plus one of the following combinations:

    Will more or less provide you a transcript from the tutorials of your choice. None are perfect but it's better than nothing. 

  • This means "Hitfilm Express" will be deprecated???

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @EDGE_Interactive this means Hitfilm 4 Express will continue to be available until Hitfilm 2017 Express comes out (don't ask when. I don't know and Staff won't announce it before they release it.)

    Presumably, HFE 2017 will have some, not all of the Pro 2017 enhancements. 

  • DanielGWoodDanielGWood Staff
    edited January 2017

    @EDGE_Interactive absolutely not, don't worry! HitFilm 4 Express will be replaced by HitFilm Express 2017 at some point though.

    Edit: Triem beat me to it :(

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @DanielGWood only by a dew seconds, dude! ;-) 

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