HitFilm Pro 2017... great for video\VFX, not so much for motion graphics :(



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    @SteveKarstensen yes, but that's still not particularly useful, as you still have to manually adjust the size of the text and also the anchor point of the text layer is always where it was when it was first created, so not central after a resize, even though - if you've set the text to be centred in the original box - it will also be in the new one; it's just the anchor's nowhere near the middle any more.

    Shouldn't be too hard to allow SHIFT-Drag to resize box and text together around the anchor point, or ALT-Drag to resize just the box around the anchor point and you've still got CTRL-Drag for something else... how about rotating? That could actually update the rotate value in the Layer. Why no dragging on all sides or corners, like a plane (nearly) can? With or without SHIFT-ALT-CTRL it could also change scale of contained text, or not, for tall-thin, short-fat text without having to faff about with unlinked scale values. You can do this by putting text in an embedded comp and doing it to that, but it's yet another indirection.

    I literally can't think of another program that has a more 'minimalistic' text manipulation feature set than Hitfilm. I've got programs that are 18 years old on a Windows XP machine that do it better.

    SHIFT-Drag is "recognised", but does nothing more than Drag alone does, CTRL-Drag and ALT-Drag just ignore the text box and leave it where it is. Although all three work the same as just Dragging if you press SHIFT-ALT or CTRL after you've started dragging.  Need to press one of those before you select the corner for the other type of "do nothing/ignore."

  • @Triem23 Maybe not the big studios, but there are a lot of freelancers who might start picking it up just because it's easier to use, less expensive, and enables the same quality results. :)

    I'm not surprised about Ignite's adoption; the effects in Ignite are phenomenal. I use them as well as Sapphire effects in Resolve and Scratch. :)


  • @WhiteCranePhoto I hear all of that! Ignite has become my go-to plug in suite. Even for basics like curves and wheels. Running Ignite in Ae, Premiere and Vegas makes it easy to keep consistent for projects where I need to move between programs

  • @Triem23 I'm also loving being able to drop footage into HitFilm, edit it, and finish it all in one spot; its UI is IMO a lot more user-friendly than Premiere's in spite of a few tools that Premiere has that I'm hoping get added to HitFilm.


  • @Palacono

    Doesn't matter if it's "useful" or not.  Dude said you couldn't do it, and I pointed out that you could.  If you want to be able to do it "better" (or just in a different way), that's fine, but that's not what he said.

  • @SteveKarstensen It "doesn't matter" that it could be better because you corrected the specific statement made by the "Dude" ( @craftycurate ) ?

    OK.... but I wasn't disagreeing with you, hence my reply beginning with the word "yes", but expanding on how that's only a minor plus against a few other minuses.

  • Yeah well....The Dude abides.

  • @Palacono

    To be pedantic about it, it sounded like you were dismissing my answer.  I'm in agreement with you, though.  One text enhancement I'd like to see is the ability to set the properties of the font before you start typing.

    @Aladdin4d: Yeah well, that's just like, your opinion, man. 

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    @SteveKarstensen it's all good, but are you purposely setting yourself up to be corrected now?

    You can set up the properties before you start typing.

    Select the text box, click on it to have no cursor visible whatsoever (always liked that <ahem>...'feature' ) then change the text properties, color, font, whatever, and start typing. Not only will your text appear in the selected style, but the cursor will come out of hiding and appear at the end of it. :)

    Unless you mean you can't set them up before you actually create a text box, in which case: you might be right, or it might remember settings from the last one you made in the same project. Can't actually remember.

  • Thanks for the continuing feedback folks - although we don't always respond to everything, it is all noted.

     There's certainly room for improvement with our native text tools, and it's great to have such detailed description of what users find lacking here.

  • @Palacono

    it's all good, but are you purposely setting yourself up to be corrected now?

    Maybe?  I'm totally ok with it being pointed out to me that that feature exists.  The way you describe it, though, makes it seem like a weirdly non-intuitive way to do it, which is kinda different from not being able to drag a text box.  Maybe in the latter case, some more context-sensitive mouse cursor would help, because in all fairness it's not immediately apparent that the text box is draggable.

  • SteveKarstensen Thanks - had looked for something like that but not found it. Will give it a whirl :)

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