3D model animation--Problem with download model. (SOLVED)

I am using HF pro 2017 , I got 3d models Helicopter, under the group I select and tick all ,when i go to controls > model >main propeller is not rotate properly ,  any help please


  • Have you checked the anchor points?

  • Also, check if there are multiple versions of the model in the package you downloaded. For example, the helicopter model used in a few of our tutorials has  issues in the .lwo file, but if you import the .3ds file it is set up correctly.


  • THANKS Axel , 

    I found one with 3ds file and it is working , Awesome

  • I got HF2017,   I try to search  I can't find Environment map

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    The effect name has changed in 2017. It is now 360 video transform.


    @AxelWilkinson Maybe the search can be keyworded to still match the old name since there are many older tutorials out there.

  • Ok , Appreciate 

  • Is there any  tutorial for 3D Model  Animation  HF2017?

  • @Jaa with the exception of auto-alignment layers added in HF4 nothing about model animation has changed since Hitfilm 2 Ultimate*. Older tutorials are still valid. 

    *this is not including Alembic or FBX since, in these cases the model has been animated in a 3D program with extant animation data being loaded into Hitfilm. 

  • Week a go i upgraded from HF2 Ultimate to HF2017, on HF 2 , to  import  there is 3D Model ,but not 3D Model Animation as it is in HF2017 something new just wasn't familiar 

  • Yeah, import model animation refers to pre-animated Alembic or FBX files. This brings in the animation created in a full 3D program, but allows one t reposition the assets in Hitfilm's 3D space for integration with video/hitfilm media or particles

  • jaajaa
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     HF2017 with Mac ,

    when i use 3d models  it is crushing often , I guess  my iMac  is not strong  enough to handle HF 2017 ,in HF 2 Ultimate I had no issue  opening 3D models. If I go with  HF3 or 4  is this I mac can be strong enough to handle?

    *I MAC  Version 10.11.6 

    *3.2 GHz Intel Core i5

    *8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

    *Macintosh HD

    *NVIDIA GeForce GT 755M 1024 MB

     I guess i have to downgrade  if it works ,because I can't purchase    better I Mac  to make HF2017 works smoothly .


  • @NormanPCN they do have keywords already, so a search of "environment map" brings up 360 video transform and 360 video viewer ;)

    @jaa your iMac is in spec and is supported, you shouldn't see massive drops in performance between HF2 and HFP2017. Saying that, if you import a really big 3D model it will take a long time to render. If you do find an abnormal difference between the two versions, please let us know as it could be a bug on our end (a *lot* has changed since the last update of HitFilm 2).

  • @CedricBonnier Sorry, my bad. That's what you get when you read a post and type something without testing before you start typing. I don't mind the taste of shoe rubber on occasion. 

  • I always thought I'd get to taste crow, but suspected shoe rubber would be more of a sensation on my derriere.

  • jaajaa
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    When i open 3D model Airplane  ( Ground assault ) with hit film 2 I have no problem ,then when i open the same 3D model with HitFilm 2017 it takes long time to open the model then  when I put texture on the model even takes  longer, then  sometime crushes and i  start over .

  • I guess it is a bug on Hitfilm end,  I don't have problem opening the 3D models in HF2 and I download the demo HF 4 I have no problem  opening but in HF 2017 as soon as i put texture  on the 3d model  is not going anywhere about 4 to 5 minutes , then when i want to zoom in or out or moving the 3d models around  it delays, so i am very disappointed with HF 2017 , 

  • @jaa can you provide a link to the model in question? I'd like to see what happens on my own machine in HF2U and HFP2017. Not a fair comparison--my machine specs are significantly higher than yours. 

    I'll go out on a limb and disagree a bit with @CedricBonnier here. HF3, 4 and 2017 have a higher minimum spec requirement than HF2. HF3 had a massive update to how 3D space works with the revamp of 3D Unrolled, and HF4 has a physically based shader in Cook-Torrance, along with support for normal and bump maps. Put together, this implies that HFP2017 has a lot more overhead going on in 3D space--putting in another way, yes, HF2U responds faster. It's not doing as much. 

  • somehow I could't link the model ,the models that I am using  - Jet_srike  from videocopilot  , I guess the issue that i have  maybe it is my Mac . 

  • @jaa If I remember correctly, some of the VideoCopilot 3D models have really high resolution maps. Have you tried lowering the "Maximum 3D Model Map Size" option in the project screen? Change it to 512 to see if it makes a difference. You can always put it back up to 4k before exporting.

  • @CedricBonnier most jetstrike models have multiple 4096x4096 textures. Start adding those up with @Jaa only having one gig of vram, abd I think you cracked it. 

  • jaajaa
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    I got ( gun wound ) effects with white background how can I get rid of white, 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Luminance Key. 

  • Or Invert, Demult, Invert.

    Depends on if it's got a hard edge, or it's fading, I think.

    Or ignore me, If I'm misremembering. Might do the same thing. :)

  • jaajaa
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     Thanks , Luminance Key is working with.

  • Really?

    I just retried it with some Black Ink against a White background and it was awful using Luminance Key.  Got a link to the wound you're using?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Palacono the wound probably has a hard edge. Ink has so much softness and translucency it's hard to key. 

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    So he's still going to have to use Matte Enhancement to feather in the edges to get it to look good? Sounds like hitting the screw with the wrong end of the chisel to me. :)

    Anyway, for ink splashes, ink droplets, smoke and other wispy stuff filmed against white backgrounds, they're the ones to use.  I've got those three as a Preset: White Key.

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